Hi mamas I noticed people don't post as often what happen? Is it tick tick thats got ya occupied? 😊

Ayahs Mom A 2 likes

I noticed the same, we used to ask a question and get replies quickly

D G 2 likes

A lot went on the Facebook page β€œsmart moms 2.0” I think it is. People are always posting on the daily over there

Ayahs Mom A 1 like

Good to know, I had no idea!thanks!

Mandy A 1 like

Omg I just posted saying the same thing. Wondering This app is just outdated now? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Lil B 0 likes

I just redownloaded it. It was on my other phone and something happened to it so I had to get it replaced. I had forgot about the app but remembered It and so here I am now. Lol. What is SmartMom 2.0? Or was that a joke? Couldn't Tell lol

Kailey M 0 likes

The moderator and creators of the app stopped because of lack of activity about 2 years ago. So we made the Facebook group (which is PRIVATE!) and we’re all quite active on there.

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