Hi ladies! What birth control method do you recommend?? After my first pregnancy, I was on the pill, but I'm bad at remembering to take it everyday!...😁 Also, what are the side effects/risks of your recommended method? TIA!

Mama 0 1 like

Implanon. It's a little stick in your arm. It lasts for 3 years. I've had no problems. It helps with my endometriosis

Emilie W 2 likes

Loved nuvaring! I had no side effects, didn't feel it, and only have to change it once a month!

Mama 0 0 likes

And I don't mean to be gross but when I was in a relationship for a year we never used a condom or pulled out and I never got pregnant. It's super effective.

Megan M 0 likes

Implanon for sure! It's very effective, I've had mine since November. It lasts for 3 years also so there isn't anything to worry about!

Liz✨ 0 likes

@laura How do they get it in your arm??

Danie M 0 likes

I was on nuva ring and almost bled to death because of it (and bled heavy non stop for a year after it was taken out for good) a couple other moms on here were hospitalized from blood loss because of it too.. so we just use condoms now

Liz✨ 0 likes

@emilie Do you change it or do you have to go to your OB every month??

Emilie W 0 likes

You just change it my dr wrote me 6 at a time so 6 months you just have to refrigerate them. I never bled from it ever! Depo was the only thing that made me bleed and cramp horribly for 2 months straight and I gained a ton of weight on depo. Nuvaring is the best thing I've ever used but everyone is different so just do research and talk to your dr.

Emilie W 0 likes

It's a circle and you just pinch it to make figure 8 and shove it on in and it will position itself to fit right so you shouldn't feel it once you put it in. And I take it out in the bath or shower just got to use your finger as a hook. Kinda gross but really much better than taking a pill everyday or getting a shot or implant for me !

Ekaterina G 0 likes

I think each birth control affects each person differently, I have tried 3 methods: depo shot for 2 years it worked for me but I didn't want to be on it too long due to making bones to brittle if you're on it too long, I've also tried a patch and was allergic to it, my third method was Nuvaring and it worked wonders for me I had no side effects what so ever. I don't take pills cause I know how horrible I am at remembering to take them.

Mama 0 0 likes

They numb it, it doesn't hurt. They inject some numbing stuff into your arm and then let it get completely numb. Then they make a small incision and stick it in there. I watched the whole time and couldn't feel a thing.

Britney S 1 like

I have para guard! Hormone free and lasts 10 years

Caitlin V 0 likes

Love my mirena. No fuss, no muss. Place it and forget it. You manage the strings now and then but mostly you just got baby-free for 5 years. Personally, I'm not a fan of condoms so I like that my husband and I don't have to use them because I know we are continually protected.

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