Hi Ladies, I'm packing for the hospital, first time Mom to be, advices please. 👶

Lauren A 2 likes

Comfy undies, slippers, flip flops, robe, extra absorbent maxi pads. Congratulations how exciting! The day I packed my bag I went into labor!

Shalynn H 3 likes

Warm socks, shampoo, conditioner, comfy outfit for you to wear home, bigger undies(yes grandma undies) and babies outfit home and carseat and maybe some snacks for you and hubby. Really that's all you need. I stayed in the hospital gown the whole time cause it was easier with breast feeding but if you want bring a warm robe with you and a nursing shirt if you are more comfortable with that.

Brindley M 0 likes

Your own clothes... You will be so much more comfortable in them. Nursing bra definitely... Any devices you want with (phone, tablet ect.)

Bonita A 2 likes

Congratulations! Pads (for vaginal birth), slippers, baby clothes, toothbrush, change of clothes, music if you want it playing during delivery, healthy snacks for after birth and camera. Best of luck to you and your family.

New M 1 like

Oh my goodness! Good luck and I wish you all the best! I can't wait for the day I get to pack and wait for his/her arrival! How exiting! Good luck mommy to be :)

Jennifer D 1 like

Good luck!! I'm excited for you! Bring snacks, iPad, magazines, books, granny panties, hand lotion, a bunch of socks, toiletries, deodorant, a couple of outfits for baby, comfy lounge clothes for you!

Nicole F 1 like

Bring your own pillow/blanket for your spouse. Hospital ones aren't that great. & a camera!

Lacie C 2 likes

Don't forget phone chargers. When you leave the hospital take everything that you can. Extra diapers, the burp clothes. They will give you pads. if you need more ask. take it all!!!... You paid for it! Good luck. Take pictures!

Bonita A 2 likes

Oh yea lots of water or apple juice. Midwives said it helped with blood loss and needed electrolytes.

J B 2 likes

Bring a camera, phone charger, comfy clothes, nursing bra, toiletries, and an outfit for little one. Congrats. Best moment of your life is about to happen!!

Alexis H 1 like

Depends on what kind of girl you are. Most go for comfortable clothing but try to at least bring one pair of clothing that will make you feel beautiful after all that hard work of labor. And for those first pics with your new baby it's better than your pj's! :) good luck!

Clare L 1 like

And lanolin if you plan on breastfeeding.

Christine E 1 like

Go to walgreens or Cvs or Right Aid by "No Rinse" it's a dry shampoo cause if the worst happens(not saying it will to you and I seriously hope it doesn't )and you need a Emergency C-Section then you won't be able to take a shower until you go home. So "No Rinse" dry shampoo was my life saver(I'm the type of person that washes her every day cause I have to due to Psorisis) But CONGRADS &good luck My lil guy us 20 months now IT GOES BY QUICKLY! :)

CC B 1 like

All of the above! I went in and thought I was all ready and ended up having an emergency c section. Sooo....just in case (but fingers crossed it doesn't happen) bring underwear with an elastic band that goes over your belly button. Snacks for sure, toothpaste and brush. A hair tie, and your pillow. Good luck!!

Christine E 1 like

Extra night gowns slippers books a focus point a picture or somthing to help with labor. And remember your husband us going through this to so if your frustrated he is to so make sure to ask how he is doing he will appreciate it TRUST ME!

Ashley M 1 like

Something keep you occupied hard candy magazines take your own pads hospitals suck baby's first outfit baby book camera battery's extra clothes slippers

Sweetest M 1 like

Snacks and pillow for your hubby :) nursing tank (if you're BF) The hospital will give you huge pads and mesh panties... They are horribly ugly but super useful. A warm robe. Slippers. Camera. Money for the vending machine and cafeteria, you will probably be super hungry after all that work :) Good luck mama!

Ashley M 1 like

Maybe a boppy pillow if you have one there nice

Rachel M 1 like

Tucks medicated pads for down there, a breastfeeding pillow, snacks, and your toiletries. I didn't put normal clothes on until I went home. I was exhausted from the labor and felt more comfortable in the gown.

Jenn S 1 like

Don't forget your toothbrush!!! Lol I had everything. Went to brush my teeth and the damn thing wasn't there. Thankfully house is a few miles away and hubby was able to get it

Cassandra M 1 like

We definitely over packed for both my babies. However, your own shampoo/conditioner, looser/comfy clothes, your own pillow, and snacks/water are musts!

Maggie W 1 like

Socks or slippers, head band, comfy pjs, Chapstick, your own pillow, toiletries, snacks for u and partner, lotion, cell phone charger, video/camera, magazines, music, outfit for your lo. :)

Maggie W 1 like

Oh and your wallet!

Alexis J 1 like

Whatever makes the room comfortable for you. I brought piano music and essential oils so it would smell nice.

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