Hi! I'm a first time mom and I was wondering when you gave your little ones rice cereal and/or jar food. My daughter is 3 almost 4 months old and is drinking 6oz bottles and still wants more. Any advice or story's would be very helpful. Thanks!(:

Jenna H 3 likes

Everyone and their views are different. Some pedis will tell you to wait till 6mo but mine said I could start at 4 and I did bc he was eating 8oz bottles and eating often. Sometimes just liquid isn't enough for our chunker babies ;)

Kristi A 0 likes

I started around 4.5 months and my son did great with the cereal.

Shelby B 0 likes

Thank you very much!:)

Laura Z 0 likes

Every baby is different so follow babies cues. Some research has shown that solids before 6 months can cause GI issues. I would suggest skipping rice cereal. There isn't much nutritional value in it. Avocados are a great first food.

Melissa K 0 likes

You really need to discuss this with your ped. All are different and it's usually based on your babies needs. The average age is 6 months though. I introduced rice at a young age 3 1/2 months, but my infant suffered from reflux and I was told to put 2 tbsp in his bottle to help... I don't recommend doing this without your Peds permission, it's considered a choking hazard.

Melissa K 0 likes

Also introducing solids too early can lead to food allergies because their digestive system hasn't fully developed. Have you tried 8-9 oz bottles?

Jenna H 1 like

You're welcome :)

Britney R 0 likes

U can also mix formula with a little oatmeal . I did it with my son an he stayed full longer an also slept longer thru the night

Mrs.Cabrera 1 like

I've been wanting to start my daughter on Rice cereal too and she just turned 4 months. I'm just worried about her getting allergic but everyone seems to start at around 4-6 months and their babies seem fine! I might start soon.

Ashley L 0 likes

I would start with the oatmeal cereal and a spoon. The oatmeal is easier on their tummies. I just started this with my LO on Friday and he LOVES trying to eat off the spoon. But, introduce it to them very very slowly because it can/will constipated them.

Marie P 0 likes

I started spoon feeding my LO rice cereal around 5 months.

Jenna H 1 like

I think it depends on the baby bc once I started spoon feeding all that stuff he was a pooping machine. Would poop while he was still eating lol.

Mich I 1 like

We started at 4 months. My pediatricians theory was feed the baby!! We started with rice and pears.

?Amanda? B 1 like

I fed both my sons cereal at around 4 months old. And fed them both the same way my oldest has a peanut allergy my youngest does not. So not sure if how/when you feed them makes a different. Just my opinion.

Shelby B 0 likes

Thank you everyone. I think I'm going to start her in a little rice cereal once a day I'll be sure to post how it went.(:

Ashley F 0 likes

My oldest I started at 3 months witch was recommended by my doctor. I put a small scoop in a bottle of pumped milk and slowly increased. He is 3 in 23 days with no allergies. My youngest I tried at the same time and he had a reaction to it. I introduced it again at 6m and the same thing happened. I decided to skip all baby food and fed him oatmeal and soft fruit instead to start. No allergies and he turned 1 6 days ago.

Ashley F 0 likes

Never mind that's a lie! I don't know why I was only thinking food allergies, but my youngest is allergic to bees/wasps/hornets. I also forgot to mention the type of reaction he had to the rice cereal. As soon as he ate it he would get belly cramps and then have diarrhea for hours after that was fluorescent green.

Miranda R 0 likes

You may want to consider infant cereals made from other grains (such as as oats, wheat or barley). Rice cereal has been found to have high amounts of arsenic... http://www.babycenter.com/404_is-it-safe-to-feed-my-baby-rice-cereal_10384011.bc

Mommy O 0 likes

My babies were eating 8 Oz at that age & their peds told me to wait, because they can get allergies easier at that age. I think it was just a grow spurt because after a month they went back to 4-6 Oz, Now they are about to turn 6 months & eat 8-10 Oz. You can feed them baby food, but just ask the pediatrician first. I chose to wait because it's better to be safe than sorry.

Amie C 0 likes

Normally 4-6months but the main thing to look for is no tongue thrusting; where they push the food back out with their tongue, can sit unassisted and show interest in "table" food. There's no evidence that proves starting foods before 6 months raises the chance for food allergies, since the enzymes in their stomachs do not magically change at 6 months. Allergies are more likely caused during pregnancy; but obviously won't become obvious until food introduction which will happen indefinitely.

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