Hi I have a 10 year old who is having problems with bullying in school. I have contacted the school several times with no success. It is now starting to affect his behavior at home. Any ideas would be helpful.

Elizabeth S 2 likes

I feel for you! Bullying is a hard issue for parents to deal with! I don't have suggestions other than STICK to your guns! Good luck!

Elizabeth V 1 like

I was having the same issue with my 6 year old daughter. I found this great telephone # for the national bully hotline. I called them one day after the kids got out of school and they contacted the school the same day. The next day the principal called a meeting to figure out how to resolve the situation. The parents of the girl who was bullying my daughter were given a citation and from then on the bullying stopped. Try calling 1-855-86-bully. It is also anonymous. I hope this works! Good luck

Julissa C 0 likes

Explain to him that he's an awesome person and those ppl are bored with them selves. They are looking for a reaction. If he can laugh at what they say they won't bother him any more.

Lisa Marie D 0 likes

When my son was getting bullied, nothing worked except some older boys from the youth group at my church encouraged him to stand up for himself. It worked! I guess hearing positive encouragement from outsiders was all he needed.

Jaime C 2 likes

Be a momma bear!! Going through the same with my 9yr old now. I've talked to the teacher, asst principal, principal, and now the superintendent. If that doesn't work, go to the school board! Don't be quiet about it until they fix it.

Becky S 0 likes

I keep trying everything. Was just recently made aware of the fact that it is every boy in his class. We have made arrangements to home school him next year and we give him days off when he needs it but this has to STOP!!!

Angela R 0 likes

Go down to that school and don't leave until the situation is handled!! Bullying is not okay and a school that does not deal with bullying is not okay!!! You exercise your rights and your duties as a mother to protect your child from all harm!!

Jordan M 0 likes

Find out who the bully's parents are , get in touch with them for a meeting . If they are good parents they will correct their child's ( the bully's ) behavior . Good luck !

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