Hi! I have a 1 month old and am really sleep deprived. She doesn't sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. As soon as I put her down she wakes up. Only sleeps on me. Any suggestions? I'm going crazy! Have tried her crib, a swing, a bassinet.. Nothing works. Please help!

Lauren C 1 like

Are you swaddling her? We used the swaddlers from target to begin with and now we use a halo sleep sack that swaddles.

Mrs R 0 likes

You gotta find what works for them. My daughter doesn't like to be swaddled n loved her arms always free. In the beginning she would wake whenever I put her on her back so I found she would only sleep long on her sides, with a rolled up blanket propping her up behind her back. Now she sleeps good on her back. It's all about experimenting.

Fab M 2 likes

Swaddle, and do you have a rock and play babies like that bc it feels like they in the womb.

Jessica W 2 likes

Maybe try letting her sleep on her belly? We had to let our little girl. It's the only way she would sleep. We got an angel care monitor for her crib to monitor her breathing. We were in he same spot you were and it was awful.

Kirbie D 2 likes

I'm sorry but I totally disagree with the putting a one month old on their stomach. Please don't do it. And an angel care monitor is great but it's not completely safe. But please please don't put a newborn on their stomach. I'm not trying to be rude but I had a friend who had her baby stomach sleep and at 4 months he suffocated.

Sara W 1 like

My son was the same way!! To this day he won't sleep on his back he needs to sleep on his tummy give that a try just make sure nothing is around or give swaddling a try or a warm blanket

Carlye M 1 like

I agree with the swaddling. We have a sleep sack for our 6 week old and she sleeps great in it. Also, you can try putting some white noise on. I know that relaxes a lot of babies.

Caroline W 1 like

I think try belly while you can watch. We put our little one on his side and that helped.

Fab M 0 likes

You can get a wedge for her bed, maybe she just doesn't like to sleep on her back completely. My baby sleeps on her stomach has been since 5 weeks old, and she sleeps all night long.

Jaclyn C 0 likes

Co-sleeping? My lo won't sleep unless she is cuddling with someone

Jessica W 0 likes

We co-slept til 6-7 weeks. Now that's she's in her crib, we run a fan for white noise and air circulation. Our pediatrician is ok with her on her tummy bc her reflux is so bad. The fan helps to reduce sids risk and provides the white noise. Every baby is different. A sleep sack might help. My LO will use one at her school sometimes

Serenity K 0 likes

My son is the exact same way, usually won't sleep unless I'm right beside him. Try swaddling him and either putting him on his side or tummy and tuck his blanket in nice and snug. If he starts to wake up just rub his back his forehead until he falls back asleep it may take a little bit but they will get used to it!

J S 0 likes

Fourth trimester. Dr. Harvey Karp- Happiest Baby on the Block books and videos. 5 S

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