Hi guys! I am not very far along about 5 weeks but currently dealing with some really terrible morning sickness. It really lasts about the entire day but the morning is worse. Have you guys tried any nausea remedies that have worked for you?? There is not much I can keep down at the moment. It's a lot worse than my last pregnancy. TIA!

W G 0 likes

I remember that the only thing that my stomach would handle was saltine crackers and sprite. I was bad with my third baby, but that was the only thing that could help me out. Hang in there!

Devin W 1 like

I had the doctor give me something bc I wasn't gaining weight. Everything I would eat would make me sick. But I always ate some crackers before getting out if bed and that helped a little

Kathy M 0 likes

Congrats!!Well the good news means the pregnancy is good ;) they say you get nauseous when your stomach is empty and when you move which is why you normally get it in the morning.But I would eat saltines, wait 5-10 mins then get up. Gum, preggie pops, b6.in the beginning all I ate was cereal, fruit and carrot sticks. Ginger is supposed to help but it always gave me bad heartburn. Or hand santinzer.

Kathy M 1 like

When I put it on my hands the smell calmed my stomach. They have the bracelets you can wear too. You can get a prescription from your dr.

Caroline W 2 likes

Popsicles, frozen Greek yogurt, watermelon, bagels, anything cold. Try to stay hydrated and not overheart. AC used to bug me, fresh air was best. I took zofran, but not until week 13 because I chose to wait.

sara c 0 likes

I took these pregnancy pops I found at a maternity store it helped me. the store was destination maternity. my first pregnancy I would suck on ice that's the only thing that helped me.

Tauuanna R 1 like

Bananas help and my on gave me Zofran and also said I can take unisom for it too

Eileen C 0 likes

Lemon water worked for me. Congratulations mama!

Chrissy A 1 like

I took small sips of ginger ale through out the entire day to keep it at bay. I tried everything and seems good old tricks worked best.

Alisa M 0 likes

Ginger and cinnamon pills worked for me. Good luck :) congrats on the pregnancy

Crystal H 0 likes

I just snacked throughout the day. I only got sick twice but felt like I was always just about ready to as snacking all day helped a lot. I didn't eat any big meals. Goldfish crackers worked for me. I tried the stale gingerale (no bubbles because that will just upset your tummy more) but I didn't notice much of a difference.

Brea P 1 like

I had to finally get some anti nausea medication prescribed to me because I was miserable. There are medications that are perfectly safe for you and baby so there is really no reason you should suffer. Also eating some crackers before I even got out of bed helped a lot! Hope you feel better!

Melanie M 0 likes

I had to get the little pill with the picture of the pregnant lady I was really sick with my first one but none of the others! It's hard to believe how different every single pregnancy is untill you've experienced complete opposite pregnancies and in between :) good luck and congrats! I know it's hard but it'll all be worth it defiantly talk to your doctor and have some soda crackers by your bed good luck :)

Breezy M 0 likes

I'm pregnant with twin boys and I swear I drink like a two liter of Canada Dry ginger ale in two days. Or I can't keep anything down and I'm 21 weeks along.

Teri L 1 like

Ginger ale and saltines

Serena A 0 likes

Ginger help and peppermint. Lemon drops really helped me my second go around. It was so bad I was prescribed two different nausea pills. I hope those help!

Jen T 0 likes

I had to give in and take Zofran. I was sick all day!

Kim G 0 likes

I found these ginger chews ( I hate ginger but could stomach these) they are called gin gins and it helped ease my morning sickness

Sarah P 1 like

Preggie pops and ginger ale are the best!

Jamie W 0 likes

Sea Bands. They are stretchy bands you wear on your wrists that push on a pressure point to relieve nausea. Nothing else worked for me but these, and best of all they aren't a medication! You can find them (or another brand) in most drug stores.

Tatjana A 0 likes

I went through the same thing with both my girls! What I did and recommend is 1) sucking on ginger candies 2) saltine crackers are great, there are also non-salted ones 3) have fresh lemons on hand and cut one open to smell, watermelon also works and is good for you(as long as you are not allergic to it) 4) if certain smells are a trigger try you're best on avoiding them or banning certain things. Ie; I banned coffee from the house saved me big time. :)

Paige B 0 likes

Ginger candies!! You can get them at World Market or Trader Joes or online. They're great. I had terrible morning sickness for the entire first trimester. They always helped. They didn't make it go away but they made it bearable.

Melissa I 0 likes

Mine has been so bad I had to get zofran. I've felt so much better since.

Jesica M 0 likes

Anything icy: slushy, popsicle. I am not a sweet drink or soda lover, but I would drive to go get a cola slushy on my worst days. Something about the cola syrup and the cold ice that calmed my nausea every time!

Caroline M 0 likes

Ensure nutrition drinks!!!! Best kept "secret"! Drink one as soon as your eyes open (I drink a half of one before bed and it works miracles)

Charlee J 0 likes

Vitamins B6 & B12

Kelly M 0 likes

When I was pregnant I sucked on tic tacs my entire first trimester and it seemed to help. Once I hit the 2nd trimester it magically disappeared. Hang in there it will get easier.

Amanda H 0 likes

My doctor prescribed zofran. I couldn't keep anything down but after taking that I wasn't sick anymore.

Steph B 0 likes

Thank you I ended up getting zofran too it helped keep things down!

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