Hey there 🌸 I'm new!! I'm a first time mom, I have two step kids, a boy of 12 and a girl of 14, and a baby boy of almost 7 months. I'm trying to figure out this app: do you only ask/answer questions here or do you get to meet up for play dates as well?

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Welcome. This app is really just for asking and answering questions. You could meet up with someone for a play date if they were in your area, but we are all spread out. The app Peanut is for play dates though

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We talk about anything and everything. We vent! Some who lives close by do meet up!!! 😍 this app is my safe place. Anything and everything I need I come here. 💕 welcome to smartmom!

Kailey M 2 likes

Hey!! It's mostly a question and answer! And venting about things we can't really put on our public social media accounts (aka dumb things SO’s do) And you're more than welcome to meet up with others! I know there are a lot of mom's in Florida but we're al over the world along with some Canadian mommas

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Welcome to SmartMom 🌹

Anna N 1 like

Thank you!!!!!

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Welcome. It's mostly questions

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