Hey there! Any moms that are exclusively pumping or nursing and have successfully lost weight with a healthy diet and exercise? I can't stand looking at this baby weight any longer and am ready to start getting into shape! Any tips, ideas, personal experience? Don't want my supply to drop!!

Samantha M 1 like

Plant based diet. And fruit.

Gray B 2 likes

I do mommy and me yoga with dd, you can find the videos on YouTube.

Catalina H 1 like

Plenty of water. Cut down on starches and sugars. Ease into exercise with yoga/Pilates/walking. Eat frequent small meals to give you the calories you need to make the milk. After a while start adding more cardio based exercises and weights. Go to a class or get a DVD to do at home.

Nara H 1 like

Work on boosting your metabolism, use lots of seeds, add them to salads and smoothies, eat healthy, try to reduce your carb intake, and whatever carbs you eat, make sure it is whole wheat ,, the seeds that will help you most are chia, flex, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds

Michele B 1 like

I feel a bit guilty for saying this but I've been nursing on demand for the past 9 months and I'm 8 lbs to my pre-pregnancy weight. I dunno if there's something to the frequency in which she feeds, but if that kinda weight loss (I gained 65 lbs while preggo) is the perk to the demand, I'm in!

Amanda J 1 like

Thank to ladies! Michelle, I'm jealous! I have to pump so I don't know if that affects my body with weight loss like direct nursing but I've lost almost 30 lbs (I gained about 65 as well!) I just want to continue to bring my weight down without hurting my supply. I also have Celiac (gluten free diet) so it makes things a little trickier. I'm trying to eat small and frequent meals like when I was pregnant. Yoga seems like a great idea!!!

Kathy M 1 like

Make sure you are eating enough (of the right foods)Not eating enough puts your body into starvation mode making it harder to lose the weight.I believe everything in moderation and fresh. Look at serving sizes. Increase vegetable servings. I cook everything at home. Water. You can still eat some of your favorite foods but make them healthier. Swap your bread for Ezekiel (I've read whole wheat isn't all that but look for sprouted wheat)

Kathy M 1 like

brown rice instead of white, I eat fish twice a week, almonds, popcorn instead of chips. Lower sugar and artificial sweeteners. Look at the ingredients there are tons of diffrent names. Trade your pb for a natural pb. I do "pe class workouts" lol, ride my bike and walk. Everyone's body is different. I ep and lost my pregnancy weight by 3 months pp. my husband lost his pregnancy weight (as he calls it) around 8 months. (

Kathy M 1 like

He did gym stuff/bike rides/sports) it's not a race You can do this just be patient :) 👍 (sorry for writing so much 😁)

Michelle L 2 likes

I do Pilates it works for me you can try it see if it works for you.

Angela K 1 like

I have been very lucky. It took me about 3.5 months to get back to my pre-baby weight. I am exclusively breastfeeding and I eat several small meals a day and drink a lot. I've read that you should maintain 8-10 lbs of your baby weight while breastfeeding to help maintain your supply and that's where you should aim your weight loss goals until you stop breast feeding.

Amanda J 1 like

Y'all are awesome, thank you!!

Cat D 0 likes

Eat protein with every meal, eliminate sugar, cut your carbs in half, eat every two hours, drink water like it's going out of style and walk/play with your LO:)

Sarina W 0 likes

I did/do a lot of walking. Also eat local & organic but I know that's not for everyone. We try to avoid breads & grains and focus on plants & meats. I am 10mon pp and 10lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. I also nurse on demand

Cat D 0 likes

You don't wanna lose weight too quickly or toxins are released into your body, including your breastmilk which are bad for baby

Tasha B 0 likes

I did the 7 minute workout it has done wonders I had a csection with my first two yrs ago and then ended up having another one four months ago I never lost any weight from my first and u was up 70 lbs and gained another 40 with my last one I am now down to what u was before my first jus hang in there eat right and exercise

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