Hey SM’s hows everyone been doing? What're some things you do for your kiddos on Valentines Day? ❤️ my husband always picks out a gift for each of the girls and I make heart shaped valentine colored confetti pancakes for breakfast 🥞

Ashley H 3 likes

Awe that's Sweet! I always do a surprise box on their floor for when they wake up in the morning. Usually just little gifts and chocolates for them. I made hearts out of paper and put them on the floor to decorate

Ashley H 3 likes

I saw an idea if putting a heart on their door each day starting 2/1 and write something you love about them on each one. I thought it was so cute and I'm Thinking about doing that this year too!

girlmom x 2 likes

Ashley H I love that idea with the hearts, that's going to be something that I try to do this year. So cute!

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