Hey my daughter's first birthday is October 25th should I start planning now? We are going to have 5 separate parties because she has 4 sets of grandparents (none of them get along) and one great grandparents (my mom doesn't get along with them) does that sound okay or should I just do one big party? πŸ’«βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ

Bibi G 3 likes

Yea I would throw one big party because at the end of the day it's for Ur son :)

Katie 2 likes

One big party!!

Boy M 2 likes

One big party! That is a lot of work for you all!! They love your daughter so they should be able to get along for her party!!

K U 2 likes

One big party! 5 parties is way too much work for you! They are all adults. If they can't fake it and put their differences aside for a couple hours then they don't have to show up!

Momma H 1 like

That's insane! You and your SO have your child's first birthday when, where, and how you like and invite everyone! They are adults and need to grow up it won't kill them to put their differences aside for a few hours for their grandchild/great grand child's special day! I'd be livid with my family if they expected that from me! What about pictures? How do you explain that to your LO when they are older?

Ashley T 1 like

If you're gonna have all hose parties then start planning now but I would do 1 big one cause if they can't just be there for your child and get along for a few hrs then they don't need to come, my mom, dad and husbands mom and dad are divorced and don't get along and that's what I tell them so only my dad and father in law came but my kid still had a good time

Miss. L 0 likes

I know but no one can put their differences aside for us they all fight or don't even show up my parents just recently got a divorce last year and his parents have been separated 8 years (his dad will not go around his mom) I know it's terrible I just want them to show up and not feel like I left anyone out

Momma H 0 likes

Also what party do you invite friends to? Lol have one big one go nuts and enjoy celebrating the day!whoever doesn't want to come that's on them! A babies birthday isn't about their petty differences... I'd also forewarn people to be mature or don't come at all...bc if ANYONE ruined my babies day or made it negative in anyway I'd go nuts

Nancy W 1 like

One party! This is about the baby not the "people who doesn't get along" they should suck it up get some grown up panties and send them with the invites πŸ˜‚

Kelly ? 0 likes

Our mothers do not like each other one bit. That being said we invite them both and if one or neither shows up it really is their loss. We plan to do christmas in our house this year (first christmas in this house and first one for our baby). One mother wont show up probably but thats ok. First birthdays are really stressful and when you think about it you lo wont remember it. I agree to throw one- you cant be expected to throw 5 parties every year. Imagine if you had more kids...

Momma H 0 likes

πŸ˜” that's sad but now the new divorce is kinda understandable what about 2... One with his dad and your mom and then one with his mom, your dad, and grandmother? Or do one day but tell them different times so you can invite all friends to come whenever... Say where having an early cake for these people and a late cake for these people lol make it an all day celebration and warn people so and so will be arriving at 5pm or whatever so hey can leave without missing the entire thing!

Momma H 0 likes

If they want to stay so be it... If it's uncomfortable they at least spent time with LO, got pictures, and had some cake ☺️

Danie M 1 like

Wow, that's a lot, I highly recommend just 1 I did 2 separate parties for my kids for years for the same reason, it was way too much for me, finally I just said screw it, I'm doing 1 and whoever comes, comes

Tee L 1 like

Yes my daughter birthday is October 30th. I still have no clue what I'm doing. I would just throw one party though if they can't come together for your daughter then they shouldn't be there to start drama.

Lucy M 1 like

One party. One party will be pricey already. 5 will be outrageous and sooo much work. Especially if you haven't started planning already. If they don't want to be adults for your child, they won't come. That's their loss. The more you don't cater to them and say you're having one big party, the more they're realize they're being stupid and missing out. Do it while your baby is still young and won't miss them much! Haha

Christine L 2 likes

My in-laws don't like my parents (or me really) so they just won't be invited to LO's birthday party. They chose that with their bad attitudes. They are lucky hey see their granddaughter at all.

Caitlin V 2 likes

I would have on big party. They can be civil for one day to celebrate your daughter!

Alison β 1 like

One party! If they can't get along for one day to celebrate their grandchild, then they don't get to celebrate with her at her party. Some adults really just need to grow up!

Linsi M 0 likes

One big party & tell everyone to get over themselves. It's not about them, it's about your LO

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