Hey moms. I just had my baby on Thursday. He is pre-term (5 weeks early) and is in the NICU for respiratory distress. I can hold him sometimes but not very often because they don't want him to get too worked up. He is doing well but he is unable to feed until he is more stable. I am pumping often (every 2-3 hrs) but now that my colostrum is all gone there is nothing being produced. Any suggestions on how to get my milk to come in faster?

Dana 1 like

My milk took about 5 days to come in. The lactation consultant told me to pump after each time the baby latches. Since you can't latch, I would think you could pump to jump start your milk. I would recommend talking to a lactation consultant though.

Tiffany Y 3 likes

It took 5 days. I pumped every four hours for 15 minutes. It started off producing close to one ounce each breast and gradually increased. I say keep on pumping!! 😊 good luck!

Tiffany Y 3 likes

By the way my daughter was in the NICU as well. My problem was that she wouldn't latch and wouldn't eat. She had a feeding tube placed and my milk produced just fine

Sunny R 2 likes

God is awesome!! I'm πŸ™πŸ».

Courtney β 1 like

Just keep pumping momma ! Same thing happened with my son , they let me come in at feeding times & latch him on , it got my milk coming in much faster so when i pumped , i pumped 1-4 ounces each side

Mama B 1 like

Just keep pumping. I had my first baby about a month ago and my milk took longer to come in. The pediatrician said it's very common for first time mom's to get it started. a good way to get it going is to pump 10 minutes on 10 minutes off for an hour. Maybe try mothers milk? I have heard it works well, I actually just bought some but drank my first cup today, so I don't really know if it works yet.

Brianna T 0 likes

Keep pumping, it takes time and can be harder when you don't have baby there. Mothers milk tea or lactation cookies are good if you need a helping hand to get it going. Be sure you have your pump settings right ( right for you ). Massage before and during can help to.

Haley < 2 likes

I had my son on Monday who is also preterm ( 3 months early ) in NICU, I pump every 2.5 hours, I just started getting a good supply yesterday. It helped with a picture of him, thinking of him while pumping & a blanket from his warmer for his smell

Ilz C 1 like

Agree with Haley. My baby was a micro preemie too. Just keep pumping day and night and do it while seeing a picture of your LO. Also, push the hospital to do kangaroo therapy. It made a huge difference with the health of my baby and it made my milk production sky rocket.

Valerie A 1 like

Pump pump pump. Increase your water intake. Ask for a blanket he has slept on. Add coconut oil to your diet to add healthy fats. Mothers milk tea. Pump some more drink some more

Tay B 0 likes

Don't wait the 3 hours. Strictly pump every 2 hours. That way you'll get more in a day. You have to send your body signals that it needs to produce milk. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Jennifer W 0 likes

Lots of water! More milk plus mother love pills. Find them on Amazon

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