Hey mommies! I bf my 3 month old and I cannot get the courage to do it in public even with a cover :( how do I get over that?

Ashlee C 3 likes

Gotta zone out. Just you and your baby

Shandana B 4 likes

Start small? It's hard to jump straight out there, maybe on your porch or back yard or in front of a friend and work your way up?

Heather S 0 likes

You could find an area with very little people or find a room where you have some privacy. there's also slings that allow you to breast feed and you can't even tell you're feeding. It takes practice. I usually pump and use that for outings.

Carrie C 0 likes

I don't love doing it in public either..most of the time I'm going out I will pump and take it in a bottle for her. Though I have bfed a good bit in public now due to traveling at a time where my supply was low and I didn't have the bottle option as much.

Crystal H 1 like

It will always be a little awkward because of the stigma that people have put on it. Just remember that it's your baby and they need to eat. Don't let other people make you feel ashamed for doing something completely natural for your baby. It's all about mind set. As weird as it is, I didn't seem to mind when I was at home and my neighbor would come over or my mom was there but in public it's different because you don't know who's judging. I only did it once or twice

Sarah D 0 likes

I never got up the courage but hope you do. If I was out in public I would just find a quiet or private place. I've used fitting rooms or the back seat more times than I can count.

Colbee H 2 likes

Baby steps. Start in a corner where you can turn you back to people. Wear a cover if it makes you more comfortable. Stress can cause you to not let down properly. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. There are laws in place protecting us super moms, and aside from immature scoffs there will be nothing else said. Just go at your own pace and find mothers experiencing the same. You will get there! Good luck mommy!

Samantha O 1 like

Find a more private place to practice. Like a small park. I haven't had the need to feed in public yet with my 1 month old but I feel like I'll be nervous too.

Charo C 4 likes

I do it anywhere in front of anyone who ever doesn't like it doesn't need to look my way. I always make sure I wear something comfortable with easy access where my boob won't be all out my girls hate to have their heads covered. Don't worry about what others think it's the most beautiful and natural thing to do.

Angie F 4 likes

My 1st time was at a restaurant in a booth it felt a little private not so much out there unless people snooped into my booth! And I did it with people I was comfortable feeding around ((mom and sister)) we talked and it kept my mind off the fact I was feeding in public! ☺️

Rachel V 1 like

I'm with you mama. Plus my son hates being covered, and I can't blame him! I hope to get the courage soon, because it makes outings very limiting and I don't feel like pumping all the time.

Katie W 2 likes

I'm with you on this one. I'm a big supporter of breastfeeding and I still bf my 20 month old but I have a hard time doing it in public as well. I don't know where you love but there is an event every year called the Big Latch On where breastfeeding mothers around the world get together and bf all at the same time. The website is BigLatchOn.org. Maybe going to that will help you feel more comfortable in public. I'm definitely going to the one near me! It's coming up on August 2

Erin S 0 likes

It isn't easy for sure... I never had anxiety till having a baby & facing this issue.. I started off by feeding her in my car in public then would find a quiet bench away from too much commotion & then slowly worked my way to larger crowds. I honestly think it's now easier with larger crowds cause there's so much going on that no one os fixated right on you. I do wear a cover and my LO doesn't love it but I only bf in public now if absolutely necessary otherwise at home or bottle.

Alysha M 0 likes

Thank you ladies! I just need to do it! It does make outings limited! Good luck to other nervous mamas :)

Alexandria M 1 like

Breast feeding builds bonding and nurtures your little one. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed :) plus the amount of time you'll spend bf is so small compared to the rest of your life.

Caroline W 2 likes

Yep. Just do it. You'll get used to it.

Tanne M 1 like

I am all about mammas having the right to bf anywhere anytime, covered or not. As much as I always wanted to be a proud public breast feeder, I still got really embarrassed. I would usually just feed in the car or in a quiet area. However, those times when I couldn't find an out of the way place or get to my car I would just do it and just focus on baby and giving him what he needed rather than make myself or others comfortable. Good luck to you:)

Erin S 2 likes

Just do it! Lol I was nervous too at first but now I don't care! I will feed my baby anytime and anywhere! It the most natural and normal thing you can do! And my boy hates to be covered up! I think what helped is that my city has a lot of free mom classes run by nurses and other moms there were bfing too so I wasn't alone and since there was always about 10 moms in the group it got easier! Good luck to you! Don't let others ruin a beautiful bonding time with you LO

Alysha M 0 likes

Seriously all you ladies are awesome! It feels so much better seeing that I'm not alone in what I'm feeling.........I have 3 other kids but haven't bf since my daughter who is now 9 my two middle boys didn't take to it very well. :( so I was so happy and proud of myself to be doing it again but it feels like I'm brand new to it. And I fed my daughter in bathrooms and cars but I'm determined not to hide it like I'm ashamed this time so I need to just get over it lol

JL C 3 likes

I was always breastfeeding in the car. I just thought it was so much easier. But my friend gave me a idea that was pretty good she had twins and helped her. She brought a bunch of tank tops cheap ones and cut out holes in the beast area n wore under her shirts so she never had to worry about too much boobs of belly showing. Unfortunately i didn't bf long enough to try this. But sounded like a good idea.

J S 1 like

Maybe find a la leche league or other support group to be around other nursing moms. Or see if there is a great latch in nearby!

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