Hey mommas I'm stuck on what decision to make. Right now I'm at a community college finishing up 2 prequisites before I can apply to the nursing program. I will find out if I get accepted into the program in May 2020 and hopefully start Aug 2020. It's a 12 month LVN program and Tuition is $5000. I'm just worried I won't get accepted and have to be waitlisted for I don't even know how long☹️ OR I can go to another college In which I already got accepted into CONTINUED IN COMMENTS..

Melissa F 0 likes

and start AUG 2019. It's a 13 month program BUT it's over $20,000!!!! (I'm hoping I can get financial aid) I know $5000 is much better than $20,000 but i would finish school much faster 😩 idk what to do!!!

Hudson & Hunter’s M 3 likes

Honestly I think I’d wait for the $5000 college. You may get in and $20,000 is a lot of money.

Logan's M 1 like

I'd wait for the cheaper school. What qualifications do you need to get in? Try to do whatever you can to give yourself an edge over other applicants, if possible.

Melissa F 1 like

Logan's Momma HESI score above 75 in each section, Minimum GPA of 2.0 but recommend GPA of 3.4, all prequistes must have a minimum grade of “C” or higher but recommended “A”. It's selective admission.. 600 applicants and only 180 get accepted 😰

Logan's M 2 likes

Oh girl you got this!!!

Melissa F 0 likes

Logan's Momma thankyou!! 😭

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