Hey mommas, Can stress affect my production of breast milk?

Tesla N 1 like

Oooooh yes! Just try to relax and eat healthy :)

Mommy M 0 likes

Yes it does !

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Yes definitely ! I had this issue in the beginning with breast feeding. I have started to relax now and not stress and it has gotten much better.

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Autumn C 1 like

Yes try to relax and try to eat a lot of protein and drink lots and lots of water

Gaby A 0 likes

Yep.... If you are sad too

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Sophie's mom 0 likes

Yes, it does!

Kayla 0 likes

Yes it can

Ally B 0 likes

๐Ÿ’œ hugs

Rachel J 0 likes

Stress can affect all parts of your body, especially the ones ruled by hormones the most. Just try to relax, put on some music you love or a movie you live when you feed, the more relaxed you are the happier both you and baby will be :)

Samantha W 0 likes

Yes very. It will go down pretty fast. Mine went down during my monthly to. Just drink lots and lots of water. And also try mothers tea if you like hot tea. Can also take fenugreek pills.

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