Hey mommas about when did you set up the nursery for your LO? I'm probably not painting due to to cold winter.

Becky W 1 like

My son was due in May we set up or nursery in February

Parker's M 0 likes

My son was due in December and got it finished a couple of days before he came home. We had to build a whole new room for him.

Kristin 0 likes

I started setting mine up around the 4th month, and just did a little at a time. ☺️ now I'm 9 months and just got done adding the final touches to it. I like to do it over time, that way I can add stuff that I've forgotten or can figure out exactly what look I want to go for!

Erika H 0 likes

We moved two weeks before DD was born, but had everything ready to go couple months before

Crystal Q 0 likes

I was due in August with my LO - started working on the nursery in February & finished by June - it was a good thing to since my little guy decided to surprise us & arrive in July :)

mommy k 0 likes

we did it around 20 weeks because we both had 2 weeks off of work so it wasn't stressful or drawn out

Jessica F 0 likes

We were due in February, thankfully had it done in December and were surprised with our babe in January!

Kathy M 0 likes

Not until 7 months after. He was sleeping in our room anyways. Only went in their to get clothes!

Jill S 0 likes

My son is 4 months old and I'm still not finished.

Mommy Again 0 likes

Born in October and the first misery was done in July. We are in the process of moving her to another room and hoping that one will be done soon

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