Hey ladies with toddlers when did you begin to potty train? Or when would plan to start? My daughter is 3 just turned 3 in April of this year and I am just now starting... What are some tips you can give me

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I would recommend using underwear and no pull up except for at night. I used a potty sticker chart with my son, ever time he went to the bathroom he got a sticker ( 1 sticker for pee & 2 stickers for poo) than when he got to 5 stickers he got to pick a prize. I pulled out toys from the bottom of his toy box he forgot he had. He was accident free after day 3!!

Jayleen D 1 like

My daughters were both 16 months when I started, it took my first three days and my second five days to be fully day trained. I just let them walk around in just underwear all day. I would take them every 15-30 minutes, if they went I got really excited and hugs and high fives! If they didn't go after a few minutes I let them off. If they started peeing in between that time As soon as I saw I'd be like "no no no!" And than they would stop and I'd rush them to the toilet to finish.

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After they went I'd tell them next time they had to pee to take me to the toilet. And than I'd clean up their mess, never got mad at them for it and I slid never gave them treats when they went, didn't want them thinking that everytime they went they'd get something. After a week of no accidents in the house I started taking them out with no diapers too, have never had an issue with them. However I would say if you try and she just isn't getting it than just stop and try again later.

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They will only do it when they are ready, if you try and force it and she doesn't want to it'll just frustrate you both. Good luck!

Jasmin B 0 likes

Oh wonderful! My daughter has been doing very well and has only had 1 accident so far. She likes to tell a little fib about not having to go and when she sits on the potty she will hold it. How do I break her from doing that? She starts gymnastics very soon and I need to have her ready to be able to go to a 50 minute class

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My daughters just finished gymnastics , they were hour classes. Seeing as you are just starting classes I would either put her in pull ups during the class, but keep reminding her and asking her if she has to go through out the class. If she holds it through the class or tells you when she has to go than the next time I would try underwear and just keep reminding her again. If she has an accident most kids gymnastics places are ok about it, just make sure you bring an extra set of clothes.

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My son is now 5 bit I started when he was 2 and he got the hang of it by his 3rd birthday

Jayleen D 1 like

The place I was at for gymnastics my kids didn't mess but a couple of other kids did and the coaches would just clean it up with no problem. And if you know that she is telling a fib on the toilet and she really does have to go than I would just leave her there until she goes. I had to do that with my younger one for a phase she went through doing that too. I would just tell her she doesn't get to come out until she goes and than I closed the bathroom door and stood outside of it and listened.

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Once she went I would get excited again and tell her that now she gets to come play. That phase lasted a few days for me and than she knew that she wasn't allowed to come off until she went.

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Mine little girl was 2. We got the potty and just left in in the living room so she could just play with it and see it. One day she just decided to use it

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I started slow at a year. Stickers helped as a reward. Pull ups are a joke. Let them wear underwear and feel their accidents.

Christina C 1 like

I started at 1 1/2 but my daughter was not fully potty trained until she was 3. Her teacher at daycare actually got her to go. She took her out of the pull ups and made her only wear her panties, and made her sit on the potty every hour and we did the same at home until she got it. Good luck!

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