Hey ladies this is a question I don't want to ask but it's best for my lo that I do. I ebf my lo who is now 6 months and unfortunately I was just prescribed some meds that might have side effects for my lo. Yes my doctor said they were safe but I've read otherwise on reputable websites and i just want what's best. I would love to continue nursing him because I really enjoy that bond and I know many women have to stop for many reasons. And so many people who formula feed have healthy kids!

Ash B 0 likes

To you moms who would love to breastfeed or had to stop early for a certain reason.What kind of formula would you recommend? The best thing possible and possibly something organic. Thank you! Stars for your help thanks

Sarah K 0 likes

Could you go back to your doctor with what you've read up on and see what they have to say? Usually I say go with what the dr says but if you strongly believe there could be something they haven't considered it's worth bringing up. Or maybe there's more background knowledge that the dr might have for why they're prescribing it and saying it's ok for nursing moms.

Sarah K 0 likes

And just to be clear I'm not against formula feeding at all but if you want to continue you might as well explore it further!

Jordan C 4 likes

If your doctor assures you that it is safe to take while breastfeeding then I would take his word for it over some information you found on a few websites.

Skylar K 1 like

6 months is amazing! And now that your LO is probably eating solids he is getting nutrition from that as well. All formula has to be held to the same standards so which ever you choose should be ok.

Deborah D 1 like

I only formula fed my daughter, just by choice, my son I tried to breastfeed, however he's tongue tied and so I wasn't successful 😔 both are super healthy and super smart! I would say that if there's a chance it could affect your little one, you need to do what you think is best, I think you probably know your little one better than the doctor does! Plus you've been breastfeeding, so that's a great start for your baby! Best wishes for you and hope you figure it out!

Mommy To L 2 likes

Gentle lease.

Mama J 0 likes

same thing happened to me... they wanted to give me antibiotics, doctor told me it as safe but the pharmacist said its not safe at all. in no way at all did I want to stop breastfeeding. I ended up taking a natural antibiotic and I'm fine now and was able to still breastfeed :) I personally wouldn't risk taking any medicine that could possibly not be good for lo while breastfeeding. I've heard supplementing formula is best...

Jordan C 2 likes

Do you mind me asking what the medication is? If you rather not say then that's totally fine!

Cesty B 1 like

To start; I respect all mommies in whatever desc they make for there children in any form! For me I tried to breast feed did it a week and because I am epileptic my medicine made my LO hypoglycemic and he because so sick and jaundice. I did check while Preggo if this would happen and I w

Cesty B 1 like

as told I could ebf on my meds obv they were wrong so we had to formula feed and it was ok. He is so healthy never sick and is 15 months. Every kid is diff obv I have a wonderful bond. We did similac soy because of his gas issues and it helped. I would feed him w my shirt off as if I was breast feeding.

Cesty B 1 like

As a mother the goal is to bond, however that happens is a wonderful thing ;) I don't think bf or formula will ruin that ;) You will do great!

Ash B 2 likes

Thanks ladies! Jordan, I'm taking propranolol and methimazole for my hyperthyroidism that was brought on from pregnancy. I also found a few lab test data on it in my books for med school. The only problem is I have to wait 3 hours after taking to feed my lo again. If u have any experience or thoughts let me know :)

Mary 0 likes

Wow it sucks that you have to take meds. But don't feel bad, you need to be healthy for your LO to enjoy you more!! Can you store milk befor you start your treatment??

S T 1 like

May I ask what meds they are? I have a source that has been conducting research for over 25 years on medications for pregnant and nursing women. They are the doctors that wrote the book that pediatricians and the LLL consult when considering safety. I would love to be able to share any info they have with you.

Lauren M 1 like

I think if your doc gave it the okay then you're fine. But if you do prefer to use formula, I use Gerber goodstart, get the gentle soothe kind because if he's breastfed, the formula might be a little sensitive to his tummy. Btw; I had to take propranolol while I was pregnant and my baby is fine. :)

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

Sounds like meds you'll be taking for quite a while? If your doing once daily dosing you could quick pump and dump during the day then feed at night. If BID dosing feed before your pm dose?

Michaela R 1 like

We started on Enfamil gentlease when I had to stop because of low supply. It super gentle on his tummy and he has no gassy side effects from it. Good luck momma. I know you would rather BF but as long as that baby is being fed and taken care of you're doing the right thing.

Julia : 1 like

We use Similac and have been very happy with it. I wasn't able to breastfeed past 2 mo because my milk had zero fat in it and just dried up. You did great momma! 6 mo is awesome!

Stephanie M 1 like

I had to stop due to latch problem and dehydration in my LO do not listen to doctors they arent always right if u found that the meds arent safe then they prob arent i would do more research just to make sure but i put my LO on soy just bc everyone is lactose intolerant I figured he would be too. And i have just as well bond with him ... Hes a mamas boy all the wAy he just said mama yesterday. Just make time to do something special with LO.

S T 1 like

I'm going to post the info on each med separately as it's too much for the text box we have here. Please bear with me. For more information, contact the InfantRisk Center at (806)352-2519.

S T 1 like

Propranolol Breastfeeding First Stage (0-6 months) Rating:SAFER Propranolol is the preferred beta blocker for use in breastfeeding women since levels in milk are minimal. Use with caution in patients with asthma. Observe for bradycardia, sedation, hypotension in the breastfed infant. Long term exposure has not been studied, and caution is urged. Of the beta blocker family, propranolol is probably preferred in lactating women. Use with great caution, if at all, in mothers or infants with asthma.

S T 1 like

Methimazole Breastfeeding First Stage (0-6 months) Rating:SAFER Methimazole is used to inhibit the secretion of thyroxine. Methimazole usage during breastfeeding is probably safe. There are lots of data reporting no untoward effects to the infant for periods up to 12 months. Monitor thyroid function of the breastfed infant to be safe.

S T 1 like

In a large study of over 134 thyrotoxic lactating mothers and their infants, even at methimazole doses of 20 mg/day, no changes in infant TSH, T4 or T3 were noted in over 12 months of study. The authors conclude that both propylthiouracil and methimazole can safely be administered during lactation. However, during the first few months of therapy, monitoring of infant thyroid functioning is recommended. (Side note: it is probably hazardous while pregnant though according to their info)

Ash B 1 like

ST- yes thank you for the info wow that's so sweet of you! Yes the propranolol is the one I am no too familiar or happy about taking. Thank u for your help! Wish I could give u more than the 4 stars

S T 0 likes

No worries Nicole. When I found the Infant Risk Center, it was such a huge relief for me. Their research has been invaluable to me when talking to doctors about various issues I'm having. I'm just glad that I can help pass on the info to help others too. They have a great app called MommyMeds for free which is where all the above info came from too. They also have a forum at infantrisk.com where they have staff that will also answer your questions. I hope it helps ease your mind. 😊

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