Hey ladies!!! I know babies need formula until they are 12 months! BUT!! At the 12 month mark, do you switch them to milk or the toddler formula? & if it's the toddler formula, at what age can they get to milk?

A V 3 likes

At 12 month they can go to regular whole milk. Then at 2 years old they can go to regular 2% milk.

Tiffany C 3 likes

I started my 11 mo on whole milk mixed with his formula to make the transition easier. I'll be doing this until he is 12 mo on May 15 :)

Kim E 1 like

I'm gonna do 1/2 and 1/2 with whole milk and her formula.

Nikki R 2 likes

Is there a reason why it has to be whole milk?

Erin B 3 likes

I think the toddler formula may be for underweight tots but I'm not 100% sure. No harm in mixing the 2!! But I go to milk because it's cheaper šŸ˜ I do mix regular formula and milk to transition

Tiffany C 2 likes

I think it's because of its nutrients

Erin B 4 likes

It has the fat they need

Nikki R 1 like

Ooooooh ok! Thanks ladies!

Elizabeth . 2 likes

Hi! I wondered about this as well.,I asked my dr and she said that it's up to me. I like the extra nutrients in the formula so i have her drink a formula bottle first thing in the morning and the rest of the day drinks are milk. šŸ˜€

Danie M 4 likes

Whole milk has fat for for nerve and brain development

Katie B 2 likes

The fat in the whole milk is very important!

Mommy M 2 likes

I started regular organic whole milk when she was 11 months..

Emily M 1 like

I did whole milk. Man I didn't even know toddler formula exsists! They love to try to get us for our money trying to advertise to our Achilles aka our weak spot (our kids)

Yv L 0 likes

Many go straight to whole milk at 12 months, some use toddler formula for weight gain issue or sensitive stomach .

Nikki R 0 likes

Gah! I didn't know that about whole milk!! My grandma has been on me about starting him on 2% when he turns 12 months. So glad I know not to now!

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