🌟🌟Hey everyone! My daughter will be 8 months soon and she refuses to eat any baby food, she only breastfeeds. She will scream and cry if I give her baby food, has anyone else gone through this? How did you get them to start eating food? Thanks! 🌟🌟

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Look into Baby led weaning, she may be more interested in eating food if she can feed herself and if it resembles food she sees you eat. My twins did wonderful with this method.

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I did baby lead weaning and my daughter didn't Start to eat solids until 11 months. Was exclusively breast fed. It's Notmal.

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My son hated baby food or anything soft. then we found out it was a texture issue. The occupational therapist would give him crackers for example and leave the food like applesauce or whatever it was on the high chair so he can mix it on his own and like eat. Helped with him.

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Thank you everyone!

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