Help!! Question on discipline: what do you do when you're in public and you count to 3 or 5 and your child does not stop the behavior?? At home we do timeout, but I don't know what to do in public. I know it needs to be an immediate consequence but I don't know what to do.

Taylor B 1 like

My sisters counselor suggested taking them outside to do timeout but that just seems like it would take to much time. I would just tell them that as soon as they get home they will be put in timeout and actually go threw with that every time

Kirstin . 1 like

we would take away a toy or tell him he couldn't get whatever he'd picked out. we also lightly tap (not smack) his hands.

Nattie 0 likes

That's a toughy... I've just let my son cry and throw his tantrum in the shopping cart cos there was literally nothing I could do to make him stop. Ya everyone looked at me and have me those judging looks but eff em! I just don't think twice about what other people are thinking and I just do what I can. Another time he was acting up, I did bribe him, I said "if u be good you will get a yummy treat when we get home!" And that kind of worked lol. GL!

Julie K 2 likes

I tell them to please stop and let them know if I have to get on to them again we will leave and go home and if they continue I just leave the store and go to the car or go home and come back later. It teaches them that they can not act ugly in public and not have consequences. Most of the time they stop before you ever reach the car. And then you say thank you for listening and continue on or you just go home. ALWAYS follow threw or they will know you will just give in and continue the behavior

Danie M 2 likes

I make them sit on the ground in the store (out of the way) for about a minute and if they throw a fit or act up we immediately leave

Jessica T 2 likes

Stick with your time outs and if things get too out of hand, don't be afraid to leave and let babe know when you get home, that time out is still coming!!

K.C. R 1 like

Tell them to stop and if not leave and punish the way find appropriate at home or in the car.

Jessica F 1 like

Thanks!! I just need some ideas because I was clueless. We are officially living with a three year old and his stubbornness. 😁

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