Help!!! My now 15 month old son gets out if his crib!!! He was up before 5 running around wildly. Just like randomly doing things here and there. I think he's not getting enough sleep maybe? He naps twice durning the day and sleeps mostly thru the night. Has a very consistent sleep schedule too. It's crazzy when he finally crashes, he sleeps for like 4 hours! I'm stressing Bc something seemed to have change the last week or so and I feel like I'm losing my mind with barely any sleep. Any ideas?

Jenn S 2 likes

You can put a baby gate up in his room to keep him from running through the house. If he's getting out of his crib it may be time to upgrade to a toddler bed.

Chely M 0 likes

Thanks! That is a great idea :)

Chelsea R 1 like

I put a gate in my daughters doorway it worked wonders for us if she woke up super early she would mess around and play then she'd get back into bed and sleep :)

Coleen H 1 like

Is one side of the crib higher? Like the side that goes against the wall? You can flip it around and put the lower side against the wall so he can't get out.

Mandy S 1 like

My lo was doing the same thing. I am now using a sleep sac for naps and bedtime. I tried a toddler bed but he just wasn't ready.

Brianna C 1 like

Try reducing to one nap during day time i started that at 12 months with my daughter

Megan B 1 like

Most kids switch to napping only once a day after a year old and definitely by 18 months old

Chely M 0 likes

I should try flipping his bed around to see what works Bc I don't think He's quite ready for a big boy bed yet. I am definitely getting an extra baby gate

Chely M 0 likes

And as for his naps, if he doesn't get them both, he is all over the place and in a grouchy whimpery mood :/ I don't know how to adjust that

Chely M 0 likes

Thank you ladies!

Chely M 0 likes

Mandy: What is a sleep sack? Lloll

Mandy S 1 like

Chely if your lo isn't ready to go to one nap a day don't. My lo is going to be 2 next month and just in the last week has gone down to one nap a day. I can't seem to upload a photo of the sleep sac but you can google it. It has been a lifesaver for me.

Chely M 0 likes

Thank you so much Mandy! I agree. I have tried doing one nap and he's too tired and fussy during the day. Thanks I will google it ;)

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