Help!! My lil girl is 8 months old and will not sleep through the night for nothing! I've tried a warm bath, full tummy and crying it out! She's very hard headed and won't give up! I feel like I haven't had a good nights sleep since she was born :/ Any advice, plz share!

Katie S 2 likes

I'm in the same boat my son will be 8 months next week and I feel like I'm going to lose it he's fighting me tonight like every night won't go to sleep and once he does he's up every two hours or so to nurse Which makes it hard to go to work every morning as I'm exhausted... I'm starting to feel like it's never gonna get better.

Olivia 1 like

I have a few friends that have had great success with the Sleep Sense Program. Maybe look into this. I hear good things.

Amy G 0 likes

Have you tried to play calming music?

Jackie M 1 like

Have you tried using a small machine that plays music and one the ceiling lights up with images of animals, the stars and moon? I've had it for almost a year and my son loves it.

Shelby S 0 likes

I would suggest the soothing music or the nightlight that shines on the ceiling! My daughter had colic and we had 6 months of rough nights! My other daughter slept great through the night, we had a rock n play and she slept in that for awhile! She loved it

Rajshree V 0 likes

Try some white noise it calms them down usually it worked for my son ....

Destiny B 0 likes

How is his sleep during the day? My LO is 7months she use to get up every two hours now I keep her up all day, she'll take a little nap no more than a hour! And she wakes up once just to eat and goes right back to sleep

Tsaiann ( 0 likes

Going for a drive dese kids have gas brains lol

Perfectly M 0 likes

At eight months old it's not a thing of being hard headed and not giving up. She isn't in a power struggle with you. She isn't trying to get her way or manipulate you. Until you realize this you'll always have issues. Anyway my only suggestion is try maybe co sleeping. Or laying down with her until she falls asleep then putting her in her own bed. Use a noise maker or humidifier. Good luck.

Perfectly M 0 likes

Please. My daughter is 18 months and won't sleep thru the night.

Ashley M 0 likes

Yeah she has a music box that I've played for her ever night since she's been born. If we don't have it she won't go to sleep at all! But even with it she wakes up on and off through out the night. I have to give her a bottle to get her to go back to sleep or else she would cry for 2 hours straight! Hard headed is an understatement lol

Ashley M 0 likes

Oh and she usually takes 2 naps a day one at about 11 for about and hour then at about 3 or 4 for an hour She's usually exhausted by the time we finish our bath, lotion, pjs and a story but every night she up screaming at 11 -3 -6- 8:00. && btw I'm not saying I'm having a power struggle with my 8 month old I'm saying the kid refuses to sleep all night and I need help fixing it.

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