HELP MOMS What can I do for the baby acne. She has the little bumps all over her face. Now it's spreading to her earlobes and neck. Help help I know a lot said just water n soap. Do i stick to that?!

Franny E 0 likes

Keep his face dry no lotion nothing...the more you put stuff on it the worst it will be

C L 1 like

It's best to just leave baby acne alone and it will just go away. Breastmilk can help. However, I never had mine spread like that... Could it be anything else? Heat rash maybe?

Paola O 0 likes

Babypowder after showers helps alittle..

Danie M 0 likes

When I had kid #1 and #2 I washed their face and it was so bad and lasted forever... With baby #3 I didn't touch it and it didn't get bad and went away fast

Sarah S 2 likes

Colby has the same and the aveeno baby lotion is making a little difference.. Our ped just told us yesterday to add a little hydroccortizone with and it should clear up so Imma try it :)

Kaitlynn P 0 likes

Aquafor usually ur doctor will give u samples put it on all over baby's face and it takes it away within days also helps keep it hydrated

Shean's M 1 like

Aquaphor is the best ... I would avoid soap .. When i put soap it got worse for my baby .. I just wash his body with water and the face too .. Just put avenoo non perfume one to hair the dark bleu one ๐Ÿ˜€

Jordan M 2 likes

If you breast feed put some milk on a washcloth and was her face with it daily

Amanda K 2 likes

Cetaphil works great for babies! Our Dr recommended we use only Cetaphil on LO face.

Phoenicia S 0 likes

Thanks mom. I was thinking abt the breastmilk but wasnt sure

Melissa G 1 like

Our ped recommended Cetaphil also. We has it once per day and 1% Hydrocortisone cream, worked wonders!!! His face cleared up in a few days and we've had no problems since ๐Ÿ‘

Phoenicia S 0 likes

Is that over the counter?!

Melissa G 0 likes

Yes, it's face wash. You can get Cetaphil at any store. They make a children's hydrocortisone cream too that we use.

Phoenicia S 0 likes

Great thanks. Headed to CVS now. Thanks a bunch

Mrs K 1 like

Nothing. It will go away, things will make it worse.

Mallory S 1 like

No scented lotions or soap.

Phoenicia S 0 likes

Amazing Eva i heard that as well. I'll get cream but still wait!! Give it some more time

Phoenicia S 0 likes


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