HELP! Looking Into buying a pump. With my first I couldn't bf everything went so wrong so quickly I didn't get a pump, then I couldn't hold him the first week or so, so he got attached to the bottle. But this time ima be ready! So my question is, what exactly am I looking for in a pump?! I'm so utterly lost in this department :/ thanks!

Rijvana P 3 likes

Electric double sided pump. Medela is good one. Do NOT get manual pump or else your hands will start hurting EVERYTIME u pump.

Ella N 0 likes

If you have insurance check first to see what kind of pump they offer if any at all. My insurance gave me a free Ameda (spelling). It's a great pump and the price for one runs about $180 at the store. Medela is a great brand as well. Definitely a electric double pump!

Roro L 1 like

Electric double pump medela is good one

Ana E 2 likes

I use ameda and love it. I only have to wash the bottles and attachment, and not the tubing.

Zhanna P 1 like

Medela freestyle

Christine C 5 likes

Make sure to check with your insurance company. I got my medela double electric pump for free. Most give you free pump by just asking.

Ashley H 2 likes

I was going to say the same thing as Christine. It's part of the affordable care act. My insurance company provided me one too.

Gabriella C 0 likes

I have Medicaid so I'm not sure how to go about getting ahold of someone to see about if they will give me one or cover it. Or how long it would take to go that route. But I had no idea insurance companies did that. That's pretty cool!

Gabriella C 0 likes

So the medella seems to be what everyone has! I think I'll let majority rule and check that one out! :)

KW β 1 like

I got the medela pump in style from my insurance and it was awesome. Very similar to the hospital pump they let me use after delivery. I just googled insurance breast pumps and a site came up that had you enter everything and they would tell you if you were covered. I think it was aeroflow? They called me the next day and told me about pumps and my options. SUPER nice people! I'll look it up again to get that site for you.

Alexandra P 1 like

You should go through WIC for your pump if you have Medicaid

Becky M 1 like

Yes check with your insurance company, I know a lot of them will cover a pump but they choose the brand and style. Luckily they are pretty good brands. I got the Medela pump in style totally covered by my insurance company. Just give them a call and they will walk you through it

Miss N 0 likes

Medela! Double electric hands free for sure!!!

immortelle 0 likes

I have the medela freestyle! I like it since I can move around anywhere. If I had to repick I might try the other medelas just so I could buy and try the freemie cups (cups to hold breastmilk while keeping your shirt on as you pump)

Rijvana P 1 like

Pump vendors usually deal with suppliers. For example Emily T. Breast Pump Authorization Department Customer Service: 1-855-567-8669 Fax: 1-877-259-5644 I got from them n they took money from my insurance. They may accept Medicare and Medicaid too. Not sure. Call and check b

Safia E 0 likes

Most insurances cover your pump...make sure to ask before you buy one!

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