Help!! I need tips on how to get my over tired baby to go to sleep and stay asleep. He's slept the most 2 hours all day today. All day he's only taken little 20 min cat naps. He is 7weeks old. And he usually takes 2-3 hour naps all day long. He keeps crying and is fussy. I'm getting frustrated!! 😩

Manda G 0 likes

Try cradling him in your arms or rocking him with a pacifier sometimes that's the only way my daughter will fall asleep.

Kylamay W 0 likes

Try the swing or car rides give him a bath

Kristen R 0 likes

Try some warm water and sugar

Leen C 0 likes

Give him a warm bath, dim the lights in the room, talk almost whispering, and swaddle him. Once that's done rock him for a little and before he completely falls asleep put him to bed. My baby is 8 weeks old. Hang in there momma!

Stephanie W 2 likes

Have you considered using sleep meditation (I think it's called). I'm pretty sure there's apps for it or machines, but it plays particular sound waves that are more than just nature sounds. They resonate to the subconscious in efforts of continuing REM sleep

Cat D 2 likes

The happiest baby method: the 5 S's Shush Swaddle Swing Suck Side/Stomach position

Katy D 1 like

My LO same age same situation last two days... I rocked with pacifier and some crying and she finally fell asleep. I understand, breath and good luck!

Dawne-marie J 0 likes

I have the same problem sometimes, my son is 5 weeks old . They go through spurts of wanting to be more awake . But I always craddle him, and pat his bum and rock him, eventually he will fall asleep then you can try and put him down, if not repeat it and hold him longer .

Em A 0 likes

Just keep trying everything over and over until something works. Be patient. Good luck.

Regan P 0 likes

Nurse on demand, try baby wearing, maybe gas drops. Could also rub tummy or back, maybe also try some bicycle legs just in gas it is a gas issue.

Kylamay W 0 likes

Maybe gas pains work your baby's legs

Heather J 0 likes

Your LO may be going thru a growth spurt. If so the behavior should subside in a couple of days.

Kayla B 0 likes

Try a warm bath around bedtime and they have bedtime lotion at Walmart that soothes baby and makes them sleep better. They also have this in baby wash too. I use it on my little one still. It works miracles and helps a lot!!! Good luck

Amanda C 0 likes

Take him into the bathroom or a dark room with no lights on and turn a fan on. Then cradle him to sleep. (:

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