Help! FTM to a 3 week old.. At Night She will cry and cry in her bassinet until we put her on mine or her daddy's chest and she falls right asleep. I know this is a bad habit to start her in but I don't know what else to do. ?! Any advice plz. We tried everything rocking waiting till she falls asleep .. Ugh.

Sarah U 2 likes

Have you tried swaddling?

Jen V 3 likes

You can try a rice pack, warm it up and put in a shirt that smells like mommy or daddy. That way the LO gets the warmth and the scent!

Kristy B 2 likes

Swaddling worked for my son until he no longer wanted his hands held down.

Yarely A 2 likes

Yes the shirt is a good idea. Its best to use the shirt u have on because its the one that smells the most like u

Isadora F 7 likes

I let all three of my kids fall asleep on my Chest for the first few months. It doesn't start any bad habits that young. Ur baby is telling u she needs u and wants to feel ur warmth. :) it's a beautiful thing to be able to console them just by the touch of your body. As she gets a little bigger she will sleep for longer and get into a pattern and will sleep in the bassinet.

Isadora F 1 like

Also, buy lots of Wubbanubs. Life savers! Prop them up against the side of the bassinet and when she falls asleep and wakes up its right there. Amazing product! Ps. All three of my kids slept through the night at 6-8 weeks without fail! 😍 good luck hunny!

Ashlee A 2 likes

I would just allow her to sleep on your chest, she wants to be close to you its a comfort. I aloud my little girl to do that and I have not had any problems moving her to the next stages. She now is 13 months and sleeps in a toddler bed. Good luck!

Brandis G 8 likes

Newborns need constant contact with their parents. As they get older they will need it a little bit less. It's not a bad habit of responding to your baby's needs! You're doing great!

Melissa M 2 likes

3 weeks old is still very young to expect them to sleep without some comfort. I know it's exhausting but it doesn't last forever. Swaddling is very helpful and maybe a sound machine. Does your little one wake when you lay her/him down or is it when she wakes?

Jamie S 2 likes

You can't create bad habits in a baby that young. They need constant contact with you. They will outgrow this and swaddling does help. But don't worry about creating a bad habit

Lu L 2 likes

My son slept on me first two months. He is 4 months now and he's been sleeping in his crib for almost a month. Don't worry about it. Give them as much love as possible you can't spoil them that young.

Jill S 3 likes

That can't form habits at that age, so do whatever you have to to make baby happy

Danie M 0 likes

When my kids were infants they were the same way then after they were about 2 months and on it became the opposite and then they wouldn't

Isabella's M 2 likes

Comfort your baby. You'll have plenty of time to get her/he use to sleeping alone. Baby came from A very comfy womb where she/he fell safe and secure, give Her/him the same Feeling. Let them snuggle with you if that's what stops them from crying. They are only babies once

Meghan B 0 likes

My daughter did that too but she's 2 months now and if you even try with her she wants down and not to be sleeping with someone

C M 2 likes

I spent the first month with my son sleeping on my chest. I know it's not recommended but that's what he needed at the time. You will not spoil your baby by doing this. My DS is 1yo and he sleeps in his crib all night long.

Christy C 1 like

My son slept on my chest for the first 2 months. He is now 4 months and sleeping through the night in his crib. I dint believe you can start a bad habit that young.

Skylar K 3 likes

She just wants to be near you and comforted. It's really sweet actually :) enjoy it because it won't last forever!

Mommy O 0 likes

It should be ok at least until 4m

Sarah N 1 like

My LO slept on my chest for the first month and then next to me in bed till 6mo and is now sleeping in her crib at 9 mo. Each transition was smooth and easy:) don't be afraid to let her sleep on you until she is ready to sleep in your bed or crib! It's ok:)

Katie K 1 like

My LO did the same thing. Enjoy the snuggles because they do outgrow that!

Ariel G 0 likes

It's normal. Think about how your lo is feeling, they were connected to you only 3wks ago. Coming into the world is a huge transition to them. My daughter was the same way. She would sleep by me and then when we would move her to the bassinet she would wake up immediately crying. So I co-slept for the first month or so. Now she sleeps in her own room at 4m without a problem.

Shannon H 0 likes

I think at that age it's not gonna cause too much problems. We did that until he was old enough to self soothe a little between four and five months switched to a crib. Had bought a bassinet but he only wanted to sleep with us. It only took him a week to get used to a crib when he was older so I wouldn't worry.

Maddie 0 likes

I would totally allow her to sleep on your chest.. She's so young. Enjoy it while you can mama

Isadora F 0 likes

Wow all u mommies are awesome! Great support ;)))) constant contact is great in the beginning! :)

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