HELP! Diaper Rash is the pits, big time 😥 My poor red bottom, 8 month old little girl! I've tried everything I can think of and then some. Any mommy's out there know something I don't? I hate seeing her in pain.

Monique C 1 like

Try letting her bottom get some air by going diaper less. Also a warm hair dryer to the bottom helps

Amber L 1 like

Vitamin e oil works for us. Or Vaseline. But I use vitamin e in extreme cases! Good luck!!!

Jazmyn M 1 like

Have you tried aveeno wash and rash cream. It works miracles my baby was going they the same thing and I wash him and that then apply the cream and it helps w/ the pain and itch

Annie M 0 likes

Maybe its a yeast infection? My daughter was prone to them. At times I would think it was diaper rash but nothing seemed to work and turned out it was a yeast infection.

Chrissy L 0 likes

Try Triple Paste. My son had a terrible rash and this cleared it up in a day. You can find it at Target. Good luck!!

J B 3 likes

Sometimes when babies have diaper rashes that won't go away it turns out to be a yeast infection. They are common in both little girls and boys. Reach out to your pediatrician just in case. Hope your little one feels better soon.

Dina C 0 likes

Going through the same thing right now :( I'm using desitin no relief yet :(

Selena B 0 likes

My daughter had a real bad one a couple weeks after she was born the doctor gave us neastatan and told us to mix mylanta and desitin was gone in a couple days to a week!

Margret P 1 like

It's going to sound weird but my sister uses potato flour it works wonders

Jane S 0 likes

I change my baby's diaper, it turned out tgat she is allergic to it..

Samantha V 4 likes

Mix a dime size of hydrocortisone cream and an equal size of jock itch cream- apply liberally. I swear by this- and it is the exact formula as prescription strength. Works miracles!!!

Riley W 2 likes

Boudreauxs butt paste best thing out there

Heather A 0 likes

Chlorine free diapers. Let it air out as much as possible

Jessica A 0 likes

Aquaphore & Desitin Max mixed together.

Danielle C 1 like

Corona Ointment with a layer of petroleum jelly over the top. The Corona will heal the rash while the jelly keeps off moisture till it's healed. Works wonders!

Franchesca F 1 like

Coconut oil works wonders!

Michaela R 2 likes

Coconut oil. Swear by it.

Jackie M 1 like

I used Desitin. It's in a yellow tube. Helps out perfectly

Lindsay H 0 likes

I like the diaper cream that is in the grey tube! I know making your wipes might help too!

Amy M 1 like

I use a lavender spray and also Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. Works great!

Nancy K 1 like

Coconut oil and also wash her with warm water every time you change her diaper. That really helps.

Liz C 1 like

Possibly a yeast infection. Try monistat or jock itch cream. If not a yeast infection Lassar's Paste will take away any diaper rash!

Tiffany W 1 like

Let her air out and if it's hot to the touch I held my baby in front of the AC or a fan and he loved it. I prefer butt paste and my doctor told me not to use powder. It's probably a yeast infection.

Lyn S 1 like

Leave the baby without diaper for a couple days, the baby wipes just make it worse. Make warm baths with DOMEBORO and it will heal! It needs hair and every time wash her butt with water and soap. 3 days and will be fine.

Ciara B 0 likes

It might be a yeast infested if different products aren't working

Tiffany W 1 like

And talk to your doctor before putting a bazillion different things on there. Some things are not intended for babies and can make it worse. I used powder and that apparently made it worse:(

Kristin . 1 like

Vaseline is just something that is a barrier blocker it actually doesn't help heal. If it's really bad I have used polysporn on my son and within a couple days it's completely gone. Also use a warm cloth and not wipes. Try to dab and not wipe. Also keep the diaper off whenever possible to let the air help heal it. Everytime u change her put polysporn on so that poop and pee doesn't actually touch the skin.

Ryan B 1 like

And if all the above solutions don't work, give baby a bath and dry really well and let baby run around naked. Or if she's not walking just let her go diaper less for a few minutes. My son gets terrible rashes! He gets them so bad he bleeds :(. We've asked his doctor about it and this is what he told us :) good luck momma, I hope baby feels better soon!!

Ash A 0 likes

Sounds like a yeast infection. Try a 7 day Monistat cream 3 times a day (before baby sleeps) and baby powder in between. It took a couple days to see it start drying up, but it was the only thing that worked and I tried EVERYTHING!

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Alisha C 0 likes

We had really bad rashes we were using pampers. Try changing diapers!

Brenda G 0 likes

If it persists you should go see a doctor, my son suffered from a horrific diaper rash that would even bleed a little at times.... It turned out to be a fungus. The doc gave me meds..... But what worked wonders was leaving him without a diaper. I would put him near a window so he would get the heat from the sun. (Not direct though)

Aubrey M 0 likes

Bag Balm or calendula cream.

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