Hello moms:) I need your help. My little sister has to write a children's book. She wants to write it from the child's perspective about the things the mother thinks goes unnoticed. Since I am a first time mom I don't have a lot of answers to give. As a mother what are things do you do that you think go unnoticed :)

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I think it goes unnoticed that every single day I blessed the family that I have,and I give thanks for health,love and prosperity. Morning,noon and night I make sure everybody is feed and hopefully content. I double check my son in the middle of the night just to see him sleep soundly and give thanks because he's a happy- healthy baby .

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My kids don't realize how much I truly worry about them. Not just their health but if they are happy, if I am doing everything I can to give them the best childhood, if I am raising them in a way that will allow them to be respectful adults, if there's something I'm missing that they need to learn and know. I only have 5 years left with my oldest at home.

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Every day thoughts and worries for the safety and well being of my family (this includes making appointments to visit doctor, dentist, speech screening,etc). Making sure to have meals prepared daily (including school lunches). Clean laundry. Fixing things (toys, stains, etc). Creating family traditions and activities.

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How I now put my daughter first, all the time. My child will never know me as not a mother, and will not know all the things I happily gave up, but gave up nonetheless, to become her mother. Also, how much of my love is given to her. One day, when she becomes a mother herself she will finally be able to understand, and I think that's amazing.

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I think kids notice things we say about others more than we realize. And I think how we talk about ourselves is part of that. Especially when it comes to body image and daughters. Of course our worries go unnoticed and I'm ok with that.

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Cut crust off, buy the right cereal, turn on the light in the bathroom so LO not scared, play kid songs in the car, find fun ways to take yucky medicine, use special bubbles to make bath fun, read books before bed even when exhausted, make rewarding potty charts, watch cartoons instead of adult shows, lay in bed to reassure no monsters, take showers and go to the bathroom with a constant audience, wipe kids nose on our sleeve, play soccer outside when chores are not done...oh so much more;)

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