Hello everyone I'm a first time mom to a 7wk baby girl and need some advice. A family member was sick for about two weeks they said their much better just a cough now on and off would it be ok to bring her around them ?

Amy H 1 like

Did they take antibiotics? If they took a whole course of meds then sure. If not then I might wait.

Grenda L 3 likes

I'd wait till your LO has gotten her shots. I rather be safe than sorry...

Aprilbaby 1 like

Id wait til cough is gone. Baby hasn't had any shots yet. I wouldn't risk it.

Tawny H 1 like

I would wait until the cough is completely gone. Better safe than sorry!

Lola A 2 likes

Thank you no they did not take antibiotics. I think I will wait. Thank you all.

Marlyn Q 1 like

Don't ... Wait till they're better!!!

Cristina V 2 likes

Good rule also have everyone wash their hands before holding your LO. Also my husband bought mouth coverings from the drugstore just in case.

Lisssa K 1 like

I think you should wait. Better safe than sorry. Your family member SHOULD understand. If not... Their loss.

Lola A 1 like

Thank you Cristina

Lisssa K 0 likes

I carry hand sanitizer in my girl's diaper bag. I'd rather be safe than sorry lol

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