Have yall found anything that works with colicky babies? My 6wk old daughter is colicky from 12am to 4 am every night and nothing seems to help. Anything?

Courtney H 3 likes

If you're breastfeeding try to cut out dairy and use bottles with a ventilation system. Dr. Brown worked best for us!

Lauren R 2 likes

Ya I cut out most dairy products myself. For my LO warm baths and the gas drops soothed him

Nattie 1 like

Colic calm aka gripe water. It's all natural. It worked on mine like a charm! Good luck! Ps... Beware because it will stain!! Have napkins handy when giving it to your LO. :)

Skylar K 1 like

My 5 week old is colicky from about 5pm-9pm which isn't too bad since I can still sleep at night l. Try using the 5s' : swaddling, sucking (if your LO takes a paci), side position, swinging/swaying, shushing (white noise). My dr explained colic like basically how we feel after a long day, new borns feel the same way so try to mimic the womb as much as possible. Also my LO loves being in her carrier (we have a Tula) and it's nice because I can get stuff done.

Mrs. K 1 like

Ditto on the dairy! Tomatoes, garlic, and onions have also been known to cause upset baby tummies. The top 8 allergens that cause upset, colicky tummies are wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, seafood, & shellfish. When my LO was colicky, I cut out all 8 for 2 wks, then slowly started adding them back in one by one to see which one was upsetting her. Wheat and dairy are the most common. We also used gas drops until my milk supply was clear of those foods

Shyneese O 1 like

Try changing her milk the doctor change my daughter to (similac alimentum) which helped a lot I enjoy this milk but not the price . Keep me posted of the result.

Ruth A 2 likes

I use the gerber soothe once a day or the gripe water too

SSZ 1 like

Probiotics helped mine

Em A 1 like

Gerber colic drops! Also you can change your diet. Look up online colic diet and you can find charts that show you what foods to stay away from. Definitely cut dairy first.

Em A 1 like

When you cut food from your diet do one thing at a time and give it a week or so to see if it works. It won't work right away.

Aida O 1 like

A friend of mine toll me about chamomile oil, need to rube it in the stomach and feet, it worked for me

Amber E 1 like

Gripe water

Jessalyn C 1 like

My pedi told me with my daughter to keep her moving - driving, bouncing in my arms, swing, etc.

Caitlyn A 1 like

Avoid beans!! ate chilli one night and LO was up allll night. Butt patting and knee bouncing seem to help.

Kelsey F 1 like

Gripe water works for mine. Good luck!!

Meagan W 1 like

Warm baths, no dairy, gas drops, massage, etc. (:

Tiffaney G 1 like

Car rides, walking around in a baby carrier more, co sleeping, and I recommend reading The Happiest Baby on the Block!

Stephanie J 1 like

Swaddling, bouncing on an exercise ball

Melissa M 1 like

I would go in the bathroom, close the door and run the shower to get all steamy and then have my son only in his diaper and sit in there for a while. I also would just go in the bathroom and turn the lights off and have the fan going and rock him in my arms. I also run the vacuum cleaner near him. The sound always calms him down.

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