Have any of you mommies been unhappy in a relationship but still stayed in it for your baby. I have been unhappy since I got pregnant and now I'm almost due and still not happy. I feel alone like everything's about him and I don't get included in nothing. How did things turn out?

Kiegan's M 1 like

I felt that way too!! Like my husband wasn't excited about having a family. Men show emotion differently. It's tough and sometimes harder now that my baby girl is here. She's 3 months now and sometimes I wanna just bail but I stop and think..do I still love my husband and want to be in this marriage..and I do!!! You're going to have tough days ahead but then you have days that are truly the best. I want my baby girl to have a united home and a secure family. You'll make it!!

L M 4 likes

Currently in this situation at times. We have a 10 month old and it's been hard but we are sticking it out.

Dana E 6 likes

Same here .. I have to say tho without him I wouldn't have been able to survive in the beginning.. I Love but he hurt me .. He also sucks financially and I'm tired of struggling in that aspect.. I'm not saying I'm a gold digger, but I want to be able to afford food . Is that too much to ask

Cindy G 4 likes

I'm on the same page now

Christie M 6 likes

I'm very unhappy with my SO. I felt like a single mom since my first was born almost 3 years ago. But I still love him no matter what. It's been so hard and honestly I think in the future we will end up separating but for now I'm trying my best to keep it together for my kids.

Mommy Of L 4 likes

My cousin stayed with her SO bc she got pregnant. He was/is a really good guy and father but she was never happy with him. She never loved him. Anyway, their daughter is now 4 and they recently separated. It was her decision. I think you can try and it might "work" for a time but you would only be fooling yourself. Good luck!

Destiny D 1 like

I think if separation is already a thought you should talk to him about exactly how you feel holding nothing back. Try to work on the issues and ask him to work on his part too. Give it 6 months and if nothing changes then talk again and explain why you are leaving. This will most likely give you two a better co parenting relationship which will be better for the child involved. If you "stick it out" only for the child you will end up hating each other and co parenting will be tough.

Kyla H 2 likes

I was the same with my SO. We split up for six months and after being apart for so long we decided to try again. Since we've been back together, we've been pretty happy. There's still flaws and things to work on. But we are both trying.

Katie L 1 like

Same feelings. I divorced my first husband because he became distant and didn't lift a finger to help with our DD and volunteered deployments, made me feel like a single mom. Now I'm in a good relationship with a man that WANTS a family and we can't stop fighting about petty bs. We have a newborn and my DD from my previous marriage. I feel numb again.

Everleigh's M 2 likes

I hated my bf when I was pregnant. He constantly annoyed me, or pissed me off. Ever since i had our baby, things have been a lot more settle. It didn't start until she turned about 2 months thou.. & from times, it's still a lil rocky. But we love our daughter so much, we are trying our best to work things out. We are also very young, 19 years old, & having a lot of financial issues, which causes more stress.

K R 1 like

^^^ I'm in the same situation as everleigh's mommy. LO is 4 months old now & things are soooo much better, I'm 18 & we've been together since I was 14 & I don't plan on giving up on him. I love him very much & I know that sometimes I'm unhappy but I try to imagine my life without him & I can't, & for majority of the time I'm happy. Can you picture yourself without him? Maybe that's something to think about to help with your situation. Good luck! :)

K R 1 like

Clarify: we were very happy & had a healthy relationship before I was pregnant & were together for 3 before then, I think the pregnancy added a lot of stress & tension in our relationship while I was pregnant. It was a big adjustment.

Jen M 2 likes

Hormones can throw you off balance so keep that in mind when you're feeling unhappy. But after the hormones subside, really evaluate whether the relationship you have is one that you want your LO to emulate or not

Olivia N 1 like

Same here, unhappy, but he's a great provider. We have been together a looooong time, we are pregnant with our third child, I love him too much to want to leave. But it has come up a few times, and every time it does he changes, but after a while it goes back to the way it was. I don't know what to do, but pray(sometimes) and keep strong and try my hardest to be happy

Shayne M 1 like

That's how I've been with my so. Here lately he feels like a roommate to me and he doesn't seem to want to make it better. I still love him but I'm not sure anymore if I still like him.

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