Have any of you had your baby poop like this?? I breast feed but it has this horrible smell with it. I mean horrible!

Alyssa C 2 likes

That's pretty normal for a breastfed baby. Does lo eat baby food yet? My sons looked similar until I introduced baby food.

Jade H 0 likes

That looks like a very normal breast-fed poop! They usually have a foul smell too!

Destiny P 0 likes

It might be what your eating.

Charo C 2 likes


Kristen M 1 like

I breastfeed also, my daughters poop looks just like that and the smell of her poop is so bad! And it's like slimy but I think it's pretty normal and healthy :)

Lisa G 0 likes


Tana J 0 likes

It looks normal but if the baby is not eating real food I don't know why it would smell bad... But if the baby is eating real food that would explain the bad smell

Perfectly M 2 likes

Yeah lol. That was actually the norm for us the first few months. Thank goodness it gets solid around a year old!

Perfectly M 3 likes

Ps id be scared to get my phone even close to it 😱

Wendy B 1 like

Mine yes haha. Always fun to clean up!

immortelle 1 like

Ya mine does that :/ she's half bf and half formula

Ami K 1 like

Oxiclean and an overnight soak usually gets out all stains!

Erika L 1 like

My dd does the same and she is formula fed.

Leslie C 1 like

Is it green or is it yellow (it looks greenish on my phone)? Green breastfed poo means not enough hindmilk.

Michaela R 1 like

That is a very normal breastfed baby poop. Don't worry. And poop stinks. It just does. lol.

Amber F 0 likes

Thanks guys! I was so worried it was odd. Because the smell is seriously so horrible, I can puke. Thanks for the help :)

Amber F 0 likes

Leslie what is hind milk?

Andrea O 0 likes

My LO is bottle fed and her poop often looks like that. Haha good times cleaning it up!

Crystal S 0 likes

Oh yes! The yucky breast milk poop! Could also be from teething

Lacy S 0 likes

Normal for breastfeeding. Some outfits are un-savable and Ya just throw out!! Haha. Dreft makes a stain remover I found in baby dept at walmart that I use and hobby lobby has something in the fabric area also.

Amber F 0 likes

Hah okay! So it's just the teething and breast feeding. I was so worried.

Ashley R 0 likes

I agree with Leslie. If your baby is fussy at times I would say she's getting too much formilk and not enough hind milk. My son did the same thing. Very nasty green poop. I had to do block feeding until my milk got adjusted to his needs. Good luck!

Guadalupe V 0 likes

I EBF and I remember for about the first 2 months it smelled like rotten egg I was scared but he was just fine and then it stopped

Amber F 0 likes

I also ebf. Also it is an orange color.

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