Have any moms on here had a doula or natural childbirth? At home or in hospital.

Alisha R 2 likes

I used a mid wife and gave birth naturally. Best decision I have ever made! Good luck!!

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

I second that ! Midwife is so much better than OB for any type of birth.

Erica C 0 likes

I did natural in hospital with an OB, not by choice!!

Erin G 0 likes

We're the only developed country besides Brazil that uses doctors as a majority instead of midwives, and we have the highest infant mortality rate among those developed countries. Doctors just want you in and out as quickly as possible, so they can be home for dinner and make money for the hospital. Hence the high Pitocin usage and emergency c-sections. Midwives will stay you from start to finish usually and won't push you to hurry up.

Erin G 0 likes

Doctors will usually only see you when you're pushing at the end. If you have a high risk pregnancy, it's recommended you go with a doctor, but if not, I highly recommend a midwife or doula.

Chastity L 0 likes

Erin I knew all if that watch the business of being born :) I wanted to see how many mamas on here went natural. I wish I had with my first. My son and me almost died from the pitocin :(

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