Have any moms had successful family planning without birth control? Is it easy to stay on top of fertility days? I have tried every birth control in the book and my body does not agree with any of them! :(

Samantha S 2 likes

I had no trouble keeping track of my fertile days or periods there is an app called period tracker that keeps track of everything for you

Jackie D 0 likes

A friend of mine used Natural Fertility Management for years. www.nfmcontraception.com

Alyssa D 1 like

Use an app to get a feel for when you should be ovulating and then pay attention to the changes in your body around that time. After a few cycles you might be able to notice when your fertile without needing the app. http://americanpregnancy.org/gettingpregnant/signsovulation.html

Vlora A 1 like

Just keep track of your days by downloading the app called "my days" It's an awesome app & helps me a lot...I don't use any birth control & just been ok with using the app and tracking my days...hope this helps

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