Has anyone used the implanon birth control method? And how effective is it?

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I got it at my 6 week checkup & have had it in for 3 years, I'm about to have it taken out & replaced with a new one. Absolutely love it. Never had any trouble with it at all.

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Very effective but it made me go crazy too many hormones for me I was depressed then happy then anxious no sex drive non stop all day everyday since I got it out i feel happy and a lot better (: I wouldn't recommend it but it is different with everyone it's nexplonon they don't make implonon anymore

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Implonon was amazing for me nexplonon is terrible! But they discontinued it

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After I had my daughter I got an IUD and I haven't stopped bleeding since they put it in and it was very painful

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Implanting was amazing for me but it took me 2 years to get pregnant after removal

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Iud is horrible I bled so much my anemia came back..so I switched to the explanon

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I had it for 8 weeks and bled non stop. Not worth it, started to ruin my relationship. If you've ever had the depo it's the same hormone but if you bled at all with that you will bleed twice as bad with the implanon which my doctor failed to mention. So I got it removed and my doc gave me he'll for it

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I love it

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