Has anyone transitioned from co sleeping to crib? How did you do it? 😊

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I'm working on it. My son is 5 months and wakes up as soon as I put him on the firm mattress. πŸ˜” I let him exhaust himself and hope his moving music/light mobile helps. I'm usually patting him lightly and rubbing his head to get him sleepy.

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I just did this this week. It is going well so far. I started out with naps in the crib. every weekend when I'm home and she isn't with daycare I tried to get at least 1 nap in her crib. Then honestly this week I just ripped the bandaid off. I think it is harder on me. I am so used to waking up and checking to see if she is breathing so it is a little weird but going well. She has been waking up once around 3:30 and comes to my bed. Will try to stop that soon but this way I can go back to sleep

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I had to put mine in his crib during the day to get use to it. Even for a few mins while he was awake. Than I put him down for his night sleep, when he woke I co-slept with him. Did that for a week until I put him back into his crib after he woke. Best of luck.

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CIO method was the only thing that worked for me. We had a good bedtime routine and started at about 4.5mos. My LO is 6mo and sleeps through the night in her own bed πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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Nope. Mine is 3 and still in our bed and we are all fine with it.

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Both girls in crib from night one and both sleep amazingly

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Make the mattress more cozy! And I'd start crib by ur bed and slowly night by night move it away . I still sleep with my 3 year old and baby(:

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My LO is used to her crib being next to our bed but when I started her in a crib I would put a blanket with a small amount of lavender spray to calm her down inside the mattress cover she would sleep just fine now she's in her toddler bed and in her own room and I'm doing the same the same thing but with music and the spray to calm her down mind you it's not a lot I use I just spray in the air and let the blanket take it

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My baby has been in her crib for almost 2 weeks now. She's 6m. She was sick with a cold and getting benadryl the first 4 nights and it really helped her to sleep and by the time I had stopped the benadryl bc she was feeling better she was used to it! We still feed 1-2 times at night but she transitioned well. I obviously don't recommend giving benadryl just to transition but it just so happened mine was sick when I decided to do it

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I did it around six weeks old. We started with naps in her crib and once she was doing good with that we did nighttime. Sometimes she still ends up in our bed around 3-5 in the morning, but that is because I'm so tired at that time!

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Thanks mommies! This is all AWESOME advice. I actually enjoy co sleeping even tho everyone in my family/friends thinks I'm a weirdo. The reason I want to transition is bc I'm afraid of her falling out of the bed! I'm actually a super light sleeper so I wake up when she moves but what do you co sleeping mommas do to prevent this? The other minor pet peeve is being an all night pacifier. 😁 thanks for all the help!

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