Has anyone seen a pump lotion that’s thick like vasoline? My cracked, bleeding hands need help!

girlmom x 3 likes

This one! We buy the same in the tub! It's Thick.

Stephanie B 2 likes

girlmom x3 - We have this one at home, but my hands are so sensitive that this lotion stings like hell!

Elli B 2 likes

Stephanie B that lotion burns me too! But Working Man Hands is really thick, although never seen it on a pump, only a jar.

girlmom x 3 likes

Stephanie B really? It was recommended to me by my 2 yo’s dermatologist for her eczema and she hasn't had any issues

girlmom x 3 likes

Stephanie B one thing the derm told me to do was have the skin wet when applying to lock in the moisture. It may be worth a shot to take the extra sting out.

MommyJ 2 likes

My dr. Recommended lubriderm lotion. It helped me so much !

Brandi T 1 like

Put lotion or coconut Oil On wrap hands in plastic wrap & gloves wear as long as possible to sleep in them if can

Ashley H 1 like

Eucerin gives both of my kids a rash. No idea why since it’s supposed to be good for sensitive skin and eczema. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love goldbond lotion for my hands.

Andrea R 2 likes

I have eczema and I’m sensitve to use aquaphor with gloves. Also mix it with Eucerin.

Liv's M 1 like

Working hands

Bri 1 like

Not a pump but aveeno baby exzema therapy overnight Balm works perfect without stinging,

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