Has anyone rented a hospital grade breast pump? I have a medela in style but my milk production is decreasing (my LO is eating more during the day than I can pump). Does it work more effectively than the double electric medela? Also, what is the typical cost?

Crystal H 1 like

Yes works a lot better. 50 a month roughly!!

C M 3 likes

Yes. Much more efficient. If you have WIC, they have hospital grade Medela pumps to borrow for free for 1 year.

Brittani S 1 like

I only pump and use both. The hospital grade works great and isn't so harsh on your nipples. In Vt they run $80/ month to rent.

Elsa L 1 like

I do. Much efficient and better.

Liz J 1 like

I had to have it due to my babies being preemies and in the NICU. I was required to use it for the first month. After the first month I tried to use another double electric and it just wasn't the same, didn't compare at all so we paid for the Medela hosp grade for the entire time I did breast feed. I think but don't really remember maybe $65/70?!

Kathy M 1 like

I used both and id say I got the same output. Have you checked your membranes?

Margaret T 1 like

Did you get one free from your insurance yet!? I live mine and I picked the most expensive one if I'm not paying why not๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

T T 1 like

I did rent one for the same reasons, $50 a month worth every penny!

Mommy M 1 like

I loved hospital pump! But just kept it for few days

Sarah * 2 likes

I herd you can get a breast pump through your insurance. My friend got one. She said it was a good one

Ashley B 0 likes

I did get my medela in style pump for free through my insurance. I'll have to check my membranes, but I think I'm going to try the hospital grade one. Thanks ladies!!

Shannon M 1 like

Rented the Medela Symphony from UTMB Galveston while my son was in the NICU. It was AMAZING and really brought my milk in! $75 for a month. There was a weekly rate too, but I don't remember it.

Sarah * 0 likes

Is there a difference in the kind you rent from hospital? Just wondering I'm 34 weeks and one of the comments made it sound they were different?!? I had a hard time producing milk with my son. Does the hospital one help your milk come in better or something?? I don't know much about the pumps (I an electric madela or what ever it's called but let a friend borrow and never it back)

Ashley B 1 like

Yes, there's a difference between the two. The hospital grade pump more effectively mimics a baby's sucking patterns, so you can get more milk. The medela in style pump is a double electric pump that works, but doesn't produce the same results.

Sarah * 0 likes

Good to know!!! Thank you!!

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