Has anyone on here tried orajel naturals for teething baby?

G's Mom 0 likes

Yes. My five month old still has the reflex to push everything out of his mouth with his tongue so it's not easy putting it on him. But seems to work. :)

A V 0 likes

I have. I'm not a fan of it. It works well it's just applying it. If you have anbesol I would say use that. The consistency is more liquid and it doesn't stick to your finger as much.

Charlottes M 0 likes

Yes. I think it was a brief relief but found that heylands teething tabs worked best.

Joy D 0 likes

I liked it. Especially since it lacks the dangerous ingredient regular orajel has. I felt like it slid of my finger a tad trying to hit my moving target though lol

C P 0 likes

I heard not to use this on baby under 2

Sabrina B 0 likes

I've been using hylands and it Worked in the beginning when his teething wasn't as bad but now they hardly work.

671 N 1 like

I was told not to use this by my pediatrician (baby is 6 months). I forget the exact reason, something about the numbing I think. We generally give her teething toys, cool washcloths (sometimes dipped in cool chamomile tea), and only on the very worst nights some Tylenol to help her sleep

Sabrina B 0 likes

I'm using the "naturals" so it's benzocaine free.

O & C's M 0 likes

I took my 14 month old to a pediatric dentist last month for a checkup & he said to throw away any Orajel or teething tablets I had at home. Both do more harm than good. Stick with frozen teething rings/washcloths & Tylenol.

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