Has anyone had to cut things out of their diet while breastfeeding? My daughter is 8 weeks and really gassy and fussy. I'm going to start with dairy which is the most common allergy but is their something else I should try cutting out if that doesn't work?

Ashleigh 2 likes

Wheat, eggs, gassy foods such as cauliflower, broccoli. Sometimes soy.

Coryn P 1 like

Anything sweet. Especially chocolate.

Samantha J 1 like

I can't eat spicy foods or my son spits up and is fussy.

Skylar K 0 likes

Chocolate? I'm doomed!! Lol thanks ladies

Gorana S 1 like

Yes my bAby had a lot of redlux and they told me to cut out caffeine, dairy, and chocolate.

Alicia C 1 like

Onions as well

C L 1 like

Raw veggies, especially green veggies because of the chlorophyll. Citrusy foods such as oranges, tomatoes, and some juices. Chocolate, coffee, and diet sodas! These can all be culprits! Good luck! I still am not able to cut chocolate (I just need it 😜), but my LO is 3 months old now and still gassy but doesn't bother him anymore.

Kay P 1 like

Try gas drops too!

Maria P 1 like

Doctor told me caw milk and cheese , onions garlic , caffeine,beans , gluten 😟

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