Has anyone ever had or considered getting a doula ? If so can ya tell me about it . Is it worth it ?

Bridget S 0 likes

What is that?

Jenn L 0 likes

It's someone who helps u during labor is like a support system and she goes with u to two appointments before and after the baby is born as well as tree during the whole Labor . I'm going to be a single mom and my ex won't be there so that's y I was asking for advice

AhappyMom 0 likes

I did. It was very beneficial to me. I was a FTM, had no clue about anything and new I wanted a natural birth. My doula gave me the strength and the information I needed to make sure that I got that in todays healthcare system. She helped me with diet, breathing techniques, birth plans, planning for the unexpected, breast feeding... I was very glad I had her.

Happy M 2 likes

Yes and absolutely. Didn't use one at hospital, but hired one for a few days to teach me how to care for baby once home. Guess you could also call it a night nurse. Got great tips and still use info to help other moms here, so really got money's worth. 👍😃

Aysha J 2 likes

I would say its better without that. In hospital they already teach you alot. And if you have baby things automatically comes in mind by God gifted.

Gaby G 0 likes

I would definitely do it! They help you so much during labor. But I think it'll only be worth it if you don't want an epidural. Because they will help you through the pain, if you already know you want an epidural then they'll just be there hanging out with you. Any friend can do that

Jenn L 0 likes

Ty so much I just wish they weren't expensive lol

Samira G 1 like

I used a doula in training. That was free - they need a certain amount of hours of experience to get certified that's how I got mine!

Jenn L 0 likes

Samira how did u get a doula in training ? I want one for free lol

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