Has anyone ever felt kind of like movement, I don't know how else to describe it, where their uterus is? Kind of like when you were pregnant? I'm 2.5 months pp and kind of freaking out that I'm pregnant again!

Coryn P 5 likes

Phantom kicks. It's pretty common!

Mariah H 1 like

I had that happen too! But I was really paranoid Bc we didn't wait 6 weeks so it was all in my head too.

Olivia C 1 like

I'm not even 2 weeks PP and I get thT all the time I almost forgot I was not prego anymore lol

Allison J 0 likes

I've had it some an it's just ur inside moving I guess lol I thought the samething when it happens to me an it happened mostly when I was laying flat on my back. I didn't feel movement when I was prego until I was like 24 weeks.

Samantha H 1 like

Ya I felt it for a couple months after I had my LO and my hubby called me crazy

Jamie C 0 likes

It's probably phantom kicks... I had them after both of my kids. I kind of enjoyed it. That was one of my favorite things about being pregnant... Getting to feel the baby kick :)

Maci 1 like

My son is almost two and I still feel that every now and then.. So I'm guessing it's pretty common

Tyesha Y 0 likes

Yes!!! I thought I was crazy I stared at my tummy for the longest to make sure I didn't see movement!!!

Lisa L 1 like

Yea same here I was concerned about that to >.> I guess it's normal ._.

Chassidy T 0 likes

Phantom kicks sucks. It makes me miss being pregnant.

Chelsea A 1 like

Yes I sure do!

Mary S 1 like

Well you would only be like 4-6 weeks pregnant so you wouldn't be feeling anything anyway.

KW 1 like

Lol I have phantom kicks all the time! Freaks me out every time too!

J C 1 like

That's true Mary! Paranoia is getting the best of me 🙈


My son is 3 months now. I haven't felt that for a couple of weeks now (not that I noticed). It always freaked me out and my husband thought I was kidding when I told him I felt something move. Good thing you're all saying its normal! 😃

Mrs. H 0 likes

Aahhhhha ! So there's a name for it & I'm not going crazy ? lol. Yes ! I totally 'feel' something in there at times.

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