Has anyone ever considered being a surrogate?

Jordyn F 2 likes

If it was for family I would but I hated being pregnant so I wouldn't for someone I didn't know

Amber W 0 likes

I don't think I'd be able to let the baby go. Unless it was like they didn't tell me anything about it while t was growing and they never showed me ultrasounds and they didn't let me see the baby when it was born then maybe but I still think I couldn't let it go

Logan's M 0 likes

Yea. I loved being pregnant, but I don't want another child just yet. But mainly I would love to help a family have a baby. It is the most wonderful thing and I can't imagine not being able to have my own children. Being able to help someone would be amazing.

M K 0 likes

My cousin just jokingly asked me. But it got me thinking! There are definitely crazier things I can think of. My pregnancy was pretty good and labor/delivery were fantastic. I don't think it would be out of the question.

Kathryn C 4 likes

I would for family or a friend. I think going through 9 months and not being able to be a part of that child's life, would be way to hard for me to do it for a stranger.

Ann S 2 likes

I would but I think it would be soooo super hard not to get attached to it. 😢

Coryn P 2 likes

I would do it for my sister or my younger brother if they asked. I can't see doing it for anyone else no matter how close we are. But I hated being pregnant lol! But for my sis and little bubba I would do anything.

Shawna L 1 like

I was told I was unable to have children and was discussing it with my mother and she volunteered to be one for me. Luckily I was able to conceive against what the doctors thought and so she didn't have to but I have a lot of respect for her for saying she would.

Pretty Me L 0 likes

For the money yes

Mrs. H 0 likes

It's nice to think about doing & would love to but don't think I could carry a baby for 40 weeks & not want to keep it, even if the baby wasn't biologically mine.

Mia's M 0 likes

I would love too, one bc I loved being pregnant and two for helping a family in need out and three you make money. But I have had ppd, and I couldn't handle the emotional side affects of not keeping the baby. Even though I would know that that baby was not mine.

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