Has anyone ever been resented by their child just because you had to lay down a few changes ?? Reason why I asked because my daughter is super spoiled by my mother and she feels because the father of my child isn't here, she lets her get away with EVERYTHING !!! I had enough , when I found out about that she was in contact with a boy on social media , I shut it down and now She hates me ...so she says... help me out here

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The question is how did you shut it down? Did you explain the reasons? Hope this helps: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/how-raise-happy-cooperative-child/201411/when-your-child-says-i-hate-you%3famp

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That is totally normal. You did the right thing. You are her PARENT, not her friend. There will be times she "hates" you but don't take it personally. She will get over it and in the end she'll thank you for keeping her safe. Though they might push back, underneath every child wants to know where the lines are; it makes them feel safe to know you are in charge and looking out for them. Stand your ground, mama. She may be saying she hates you right now but she does love you.

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Thank You

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If she hates you now, you're doing something Right. You are the parent, and if you aren't Comfortable With something, shut it down. She'll thank you later in life when she is grown with her own family.

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You are the parent and you have every right . Just be aware that she might go behind your back and see this boy in unsafe way . I would do share location on her phone so you know where she is at all times

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