Has anyone been a surrogate mother? I really want to do it.

Baby Girls Mommy 0 likes

I haven't personally been one, but I don't think I could do it. I would be too attached to the baby I was carrying for 9 months and feeling their kicks and movements and then giving birth and hearing them cry for the first time I think it would be too hard for me personally

Libby L 0 likes

I feel like it would be hard but I have also considered it. However, I have also considered donating some eggs.

Olivia N 0 likes

I have wanted to, for my brother, he got married to an older lady that didn't tell him she couldn't have anymore kids, because she had no more ovaries. And he desperately wanted a baby boy. He's been a friend to her two teenage kids, but in no way are they his children. But she very selfishly says no

JVP 0 likes

My friend did it for her family member!

Gunner Danger's M 0 likes

My gay brother has asked me to and after my husband and I are done...the next one is his. I couldn't do it for anyone else tho.

Alison 0 likes

I think it would be an amazing experience. Tough, yes, but worth it. My hubby would never agree though.

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