Has any mom given birth naturally without a Doula? How did that work for you, and who was your support?

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I did twice, fiancé was my support. With my first my mom was in the room and the second my sister was in the room. Having my fiancé in the room was obviously important but having another woman in the room was nice because for some reason it was more calming. Probably because they have been threw it before.

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I did with both my sons, my mom and SO were there, as well as my sister. If I ever have another baby, It will be natural too. My biggest piece of advice is to breathe lol which sounds silly, but it helps. :)

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Yes. My husband was my support. And I was at a hospital w amazing nurses! Twice!

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I did I had my mom and she was the biggest support I stayed home up until it was pretty much time to push and it made it a lot easier on me and the baby staying active and on your feet will help you a lot. My whole pregnancy I never planned on an epidural and I have a low pain tolerance and I did fine with the encouragement from my mom.

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