Had to share this funny story. My husband complained that we aren't eating any meat this week. I normaly only do 1-2 meats a week anyway and only chicken. I'm making quinoa nachos today and told him it's happy Monday (similar to Good Friday) and he believed me. He's the one who was brought up religious I can't stop laughing about it tho. I might continue this all week

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Lol 😂

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Stephanie B asks Is it normal for my 4 1/2 yo to tell me I want to be the prettiest girl at school today? Then she comes home saying she was the prettiest girl in her class. How are we supposed to react? I tell her everyone is pretty in their own way.

Christy H asks If you girls have not read “Girl, wash you're face” check it out. It's a book I think all of us need to read. It really got me thinking about things. I know I am always comparing myself to other moms especially and me not thinking I'm a good enough mom sometimes. It made me realize to stop it and I'm killing it as a mom.

Brandi T asks I've Not been getting any notifications Again 😩

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