I had a gush of liquid come out. (Not positive if it is actually amniotic fluid or just urine) I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Not really having any contractions and I'm not leaking anymore. Do I need to go to the hospital? Or should I wait until I know I'm in labor?

Chelsy R 2 likes

You can call down to the hospital and talk to a charge nurse they can tell you what to do

Victoria W 2 likes

Go to the hospital just to make sure.

Elizabeth A 2 likes

I would call or go to be checked but most likely your water didn't break I don't think it will stop if it did break. Mine wouldn't stop gushing

Brittney E 5 likes

Oh yeah girl. A "gush" of liquid means your water broke! Good luck!!!!

Baby M 1 like


Shannon S 2 likes

Id call labour and delivery. They may wanna check you out. My friend had this happen around 5pm and her son was born at 1am she didn't have contractions until she got to her hospital.

Anastasia H 2 likes

Hospital for sure better safe then sorry!!!!!! I hope everything goes well!!!!!

Patricia M 2 likes

If it didn't smell, it was probably your water breaking. Most times it still leaks at least a little after breaking. I would at least call and check in to be safe. Good luck!!!

B F 1 like

I would go get it checked out. Better be safe than sorry. My water broke and I didn't feel any contractions until after I was at the hospital. Plus my water stopped leaking before I left my house! Good luck!

Mary J 2 likes

It could be your muchas plug it normally falls out about that time but if you're worried if call the doctor and see what they have to say. :)

Kisha O 2 likes

Go to the hospital. My water broke and it felt like I peed myself! I didn't have any contractions until 3 hours after my water broke!

Sandra 2 likes

Go to the hospital your water most likely broke and if you're not having contractions yet get everything together just in case and to make sure you're not missing anything good luck and keep us updated! ☺️

Teddy P 2 likes

Go to hospital! My water broke with first born at midnight and didn't have contractions until like 10 am but it's better to get there to be monitored! Good luck mama!

Mommy B 3 likes

I would go!!

Kayla S 0 likes

Totally go to the hospital! Happened to me went in at 2:30 pm didn't have contractions until later baby came 12:25am!

Mom Of 5 2 likes


Mo D 2 likes

Your water broke lol

Tara B 1 like

Sounds like your water. Gross isn't it??? Good luck! How exciting.

Aubre R 1 like

With my son my water started "leaking" it wasn't really like this gush that came out. I've practically been sitting this whole time not moving around too much so haven't really noticed if I'm still leaking. It didn't have an ammonia smell to it? But my mucus plug did come out about three days ago. I'm nervous lol I have a scheduled csection next Wednesday but it looks like we may be having a baby sooner. As soon as my husband gets off work I'm gonna head in. Thanks everyone!

Jenn N 1 like

I would go to the hospital. My water breaking was like a small gush and I didn't get contractions for a good 6hrs after! My dr had me go cause the risk of infection goes up once your water breaks.

K M 2 likes

I'd go just in case. When my water broke it leaked til she cane

Jamie Mc B 2 likes

my water broke and I didn't start having contractions until an hour later! but if your water breaks you know it! it's literally like a 5gal bucket tipped over and you don't stop "leaking" just call incase because all drs are different but my hospital wanted contractions 5-8min apart

Aubre R 0 likes

Went in. 70% effaced and almost 2cm dilated. Ugh. Pray this goes fast I am MISERABLE!

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