Gotta love spending an hour in the kitchen only for there to be nothing left for you. Mother in law and son had 1 beef rib and husband took the last 3 assuming I already ate 🙄 that was supposed to be my lunch for tomorrow. There’s no left over rice or veggies either. Now he feels terrible and is kissing my ass (not literally 😂)

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Cristine C I got back at him by eating all the m&ms at the movie theatre (he mentioned he didn’t want candy) then by almost the end of the movie he reached for the bag and realized it was empty 😊

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Mommy And M asks My wife and son went out of state to see her family because her grandparents are not doing well. I talked to him on FaceTime this morning and asked him if he missed me. He said, oh boy, I sure do! Sweet boy. They will be gone a week. I'm trying to do nothing while they are gone. Just going to work and resting.

Stephanie asks My son will be going to TK next year. I don't have to walk him into class I just drop him off in the kindergarten line. Hes still in a 5pt harness. My question is, should I leave him in his 5pt harness or should I put him in a high back booster. I watched the kindergarteners get dropped off this morning and they are all in like booster seats and the parents stop and the kids just hop out.

2Sweet B asks Is it normal I don’t know how long I want to breastfeed for? Right now she's only 3 months, I know I don’t want to go passed a year though.

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